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New York and poker go way back to the 19th century. But it wasn’t until 1993 that the first legal casino opened its doors, bringing poker out of the shadows. Today, if someone decided to shut down those physical casinos, most folks wouldn’t bat an eye because poker has found its cozy spot on the internet. You can now ditch the crowded tables and log in to the online poker site from the comfort of your own home. Hmmm. Maybe.

You play the game you choose from the variety at your fingertips — without knowing who you’re up against or if the game is this or that. Of course, there’s a catch — expect a cheat or two, maybe a little pure wickedness. Especially if you’re a greenhorn, online casinos and other players might have the upper hand. But hey, that’s where this guide comes in handy — a little something to level the playing field.

No more shelling out money for transport or excessive fees. Just focus, make your bets, and either bask in victory or learn from defeat. Pretty cool, huh? Alright, you’re probably itching to go into this guide.

Online Poker in New York: Legal or Illegal?

Playing Poker in New York is legal, but… New York has not considered Online Poker legal yet. You can only play poker in brick-and-mortar casinos. Mind you, people play it online regardless. The issue around online poker’s legality is a picture of when a state strives for “transparency.” 

No one should blame the legislature. The fact remains that this arm is “doing” their job. The reasons behind the delay in legalizing online poker in New York may include worries about regulation, political factors, and ongoing debates about how to interpret the law. Even sports betting became legal in 2013 in the state. “Just recently,” you might wonder.

Now you know how tough the New York government is. So, with years of disappointment for the bills passed, you can still hope for a positive turnout. The approval of online Poker in Pennsylvania and Michigan shocked New Yorkers. Why? Pennsylvania has 13 million residents, and Michigan has 10 million residents. How much more New York? The future of online poker is “bright, like a diamond” in New York. With approximately 20 million residents compared to those states, NY is the citadel.

But what’s the better gist? Yo! S8185 is the latest online poker bill in the Empire State. It was introduced by a democratic state senator, Joseph Addabbo Jr., on January 11, 2024. The bill is to “regulate interactive gaming in New York.” It sketches licensing requirements for iGaming providers. The regulatory body, the New York State Gaming Commission (NYSGC), meets from time to time. So, you could be expecting good news sometime in 2024 or beyond. You can do yourself good by occasionally checking the page for updates.

Future of Online Poker in New York 

Experts have been playing and winning online poker in New Jersey and Nevada recently. Therefore, if you really want to do this, you might consider traveling there. More are Pennsylvania and Michigan, or you could just stick to land casinos in New York.

So, as a resident of New York, you can create an account on sites in states where online poker is legal. Although you must travel to these cities to play the game online, you can deposit funds in your account at home. Don’t forget to familiarise yourself with their rules to avoid going against any. 

You are probably not up for all the perceived stress of the processes, and the “easy” way, VPN, is flashing everywhere in your mind. While it is technically possible to use a VPN to make it seem as if you’re accessing the internet from a different location, it’s important to understand the implications. Using a VPN for online gambling might go against the poker site’s terms of service and could potentially be illegal. It’s strongly advised to adhere to the laws and regulations of your area. 

But if you’re still set on lounging in bed and playing online poker with a VPN or other tricks, here are some top-rated online sites in New York based on research. These top 5 sites have a good reputation, and they might still accept you even though what you are trying to do isn’t too “reputable”.

Online Poker Sites You Can Register and Play From

There are many poker sites, and if you don’t know the right one to sign up for, you can become prey. Scammers and Ponzi schemes are the first things to note when entering the online space. Or when talking about Online Poker. Look out for foul betting patterns and strange activities. They are the bad news. The following are the best poker sites you can register, deposit your funds, and play from.

1. BetOnline Poker

BetOnline Poker is authorized and has been operating since 2001. It is one of the best in the gambling industry. It affiliates with SportBetting and Wild Casino. BetOnline Poker provides a variety of games. It is available for most devices and is safe. 

On top of that, it offers bonuses, even at first deposit. You can make a deposit or cash out using cryptocurrencies, checking accounts, and many other methods.

2. Bovada Poker

Bovada Poker is an excellent site for playing poker. It started in 2004 and is best known for offering great tournaments. It is fast, and you are guaranteed payout security.

3. ACR Poker

ACR Poker, aka Americas Cardroom, is known as a global poker platform. It is best for offering a wide range of different poker games, such as Blitz Poker. 

4. BlackChip Poker

BlackChip Poker has a lot of traffic, allowing you to choose who you play with freely. There is no way you will not see someone to play with on the site. It offers its clients packages and bonuses, including welcome packages and cash prizes.

5. SportsBetting Poker

SportsBetting Poker is one of the popular betting sites in the US. It gives a welcome bonus and holds a weekly event for prizes of up to $10,000. Similar to BlackChip, there is also a lot of traffic on the SportBetting site. Wire fees at SportsBetting Poker are minimal compared to other poker rooms.

Yes, these sites are the leading ones. Why are they the best? It is not based on the most beautiful UI design, as you may be thinking. These online poker sites possess some qualities. Come fish them out.


All 5 sites mentioned are licensed. Don’t get entangled with any unlicensed site, or they’ll dent “your image” and put you in more trouble in the long run. 

Not just that, most unlicensed sites lack security features and have no backup. The safety of your money is not guaranteed. The chances that you would lose your money while gambling are high with no apology. Is that what you want for yourself? Before signing up on any poker site, research its reputation and uncover what people have to say about it.

Bonus offered

Nothing matches up with mouthwatering bonuses after the main offer. BetOnline Poker on deposit bonuses is a perfect example. They are energizing. Maybe they are the appetizers of online gambling. Experts advise that you go for sites that give more for less. But it should be to a reasonable level; don’t fall for a scam. 

Everyone, including you, loves freebies. This is the time to activate that appetite for it. Go for good sites that offer you good bonuses and rewards as you play on them. This is important for a good gaming experience and to gain more money.

Variety of Games & Tournaments

You will get different types of games on a good poker site. These are captivating and fun games that will keep you on a good flow while you play them. Popular poker games you should look for on poker sites are:

  • Texas Hold’em,
  • Omaha Hold’em,
  • Seven-Card Stud,
  • and Open-face Chinese Poker.

Pick sites that host tournaments, too. Tournaments build credibility and experience, whether live or online. Tournaments bring out your best. Be it experts against beginners or beginners against beginners. You’ll lose until you learn to win.  

Customer Support

Many sites have PhDs in misleading visitors. No bots, no chat box. It’s just as if you are walking into a bank branch for the first time, and there is no teller at the counter. The confusion is second to none. They lose users’ trust. Only if they know, but that’s none of your business.

Well, only a few sites, including the ones in this post, have proven outstanding and don’t make such mistakes. You need a site where you can easily navigate and have a system to complain to for support. It’s more relieving. Honesty and reliability remain the best qualities. You need a site that will guide you on how to experience stress-free gaming and get good cash or coins.

User Base

What is the size of their user base? Is their site frequently visited? Instead of learning the hard way, it’s better to learn from the experiences of others. The biggest question is, do they have a substantial user base?

You might be wondering why this is important. Well, no one plucks an unripe fruit. No one goes after something that doesn’t offer much yet. The size of the user base is one of the things that can help you be selective on the most popular sites.

You’re not a benefactor looking to support a fledgling site. Make sure the site has been operational for a considerable period. Avoid choosing a newly launched site that hasn’t yet established its credibility and reputation. Opt for the sites with the largest user base, such as BlackChip Poker and SportBetting Poker. That’s where the real value lies!

Smooth Software and Friendly User Interface

A good poker site is easier to use because of its smooth software operation. Take a moment to appreciate the appealing user interface and efficiency of ACR Poker. Even though these factors aren’t the only considerations when selecting a poker site, they are certainly worth keeping in mind. The user interface and other aspects should be welcoming. When you realize you aren’t getting a seamless playing experience from a site, QUIT IT! It’s not a crime.

Deposit and Payout Options

Now is the money talk. Pay attention. No one wants to throw away their money, whether you’re playing for real money or not. The point exactly? Don’t go for a site that is not straightforward and transparent on its payment options. Whether deposit or withdrawal, keep off. Chances are that they don’t have plans for your success, so how would you withdraw when you win with no provision for it? It makes no sense. 

For your payout, experts tell you to use Bitcoin or other crypto to avoid stories from banks or the site. Indeed, you would not want any story behind your money won. Because once gone, forever gone. That’s why you should heed this advice. With Bitcoin, you’ll avoid surcharges and delays in receiving payment, unlike other options. BetOnline Poker is among the major platforms that accept cryptocurrency deposits. It also provides the option for crypto withdrawals.

How to choose the best game

Since there are varieties of poker games to choose from, how do you know the best game to play? Texas hold’em or Omaha hold’em? The benefits of any game you choose and the compatibility of your skills with it should be your biggest deciding factors. “What is in it for me?.”

Don’t settle for less or too much. And have control over your bankroll. Know when to play and when to learn. Set boundaries on your time and money. Unless you’re some magician who can travel in time to determine your fate, don’t deposit money yet. 

Or why don’t you consider playing on free social poker sites that use virtual currencies? That’d help you improve before playing with and for real money. There, you can laugh hard when you lose because nothing real was lost, unlike real life versus real money. These social betting sites provide a platform to have fun and get used to the game. The best social online poker site in New York that offers this option is Global Poker.


There you have it. Now, the New York government is making every effort to catch up with you and turn you into the new Statue of Liberty. But is it really that serious, trying to play poker online in New York? Anyway, as you are doing it, you should never gamble mindlessly, even if you are Mark Zuckerberg’s relative. Be good with the rules and strategies of poker; otherwise, you’ll count losses as if you were counting numbers. Five hundred, eight hundred, one thousand, and so forth.

“Online poker in New York has come to stay.” Uhm… Not quite — it’s still figuring out where or how to settle. Hoping for its swift legalization so you won't have to go through hurdles just to enjoy it online. Notwithstanding, you know you’ll keep playing even if the legalization takes time. It’s a pleasure that this guide met you well.

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