Top 10 Biggest Online Casinos in the World

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Before now, if you were living in the US, you would need to travel to the Las Vegas Valley to enjoy its concentration of casinos, but things are different now. With your mobile phone or PC and internet connection, you can enjoy your favorite poker game because of the large concentration of casinos online. You can also make money in any part of the world without necessarily leaving the walls of your house. 

Although many casinos are available online today, some online casinos are bigger than others, with the UK and US boasting the world's top five largest online casinos. This article will reveal the world's 10 largest online casinos. 

10 Largest Online Casinos

1. Bet365 Online Casino

Bet365 is one of the leaders in online gambling, and what makes it stand out among other online casinos is its global coverage. The company was founded in 2000 in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

Today, it has almost 100 million users worldwide, covering over 150 countries with over 7,000 employees in eight different offices. Its online platform supports 24 different currencies and has one of the best customer services in the gambling business, with its agents supporting their customers in 22 different languages. 

They cover 1.2 sporting events yearly, over 600,000 live streams, and have 11 internal gambling licenses. As a customer, you would enjoy the Bet365 casino with over 400 games and over 100 thousand Euro jackpots. 

2. Ceasars Palace Online Casino

Ceasars Palace is one of the world's oldest entertainment and casino companies. Established in the US in 1937 by Bill Harrah in the state of Nevada, it has grown to be the largest online casino in the state, giving it a spot in the world casino ranking.

This betting giant has 50 casinos globally, with offices in 18 US. It has expanded to Canadian states and other parts of the world, offering diversified sporting and gaming experiences to its 65 million customers for over 85 years. 

3. 888 Holdings Online Casino

888 Holdings was established in 1934 by William Hill. The company has metamorphosed into a gambling wonder. In 2014, 888 joined the regulated US online gaming market and launched the SI Casino brand in Michigan, US, this year, with Michigan making it the 7th locally licensed market in the US alone. They also have 13 other locally licensed markets in Europe and North America, with 11 offices worldwide.

In 1997, it became one of the first Casinos to launch its online market with the 888casino. It offers over 2500 with over 25 million players. In 2002, they launched the 888 Poker, with players in over 100 countries betting with their mobile phones and computers. 

4. Unibet Online Casino

Unibet started from a humble beginning. A Swedish student named Anders Strom, a university student in Sweden, started betting on one of his favorite sports, horse racing, to make extra money. This made him popular, so he started a betting company, which he sold in 1997, giving birth to what is known as Unibet. 

Unibet is now part of a larger betting company called Kindred Group, which provides one of the best betting services for more than 25 million people worldwide.  

5. Flutter Online Casino

Flutter is a global online casino specializing in gaming, sports betting, and entertainment. It was founded in 2016 but has grown to be a giant in the online betting industry, with 18 million customers across the globe. 

Flutter is available in over 100 international markets, with an average of 12.1 million monthly visitors, generating roughly 7.7 pounds in 2022 alone. 34% of this revenue came from the US market. 

6. BetMGM Online Casino

In 2018, MGM Entertainment Company allied with Entain to create one of the largest online betting companies in the world. Since the partnership, BetMGM has been the exclusive betting platform for MGM Entertainment, providing online sporting betting and gaming for approximately 7 million users. 

One of the reasons BetMGM stands even though they are just 5 years in the betting market is its diversification; its betting company knows no boundaries as it is spread on all the world's continents, giving it a place in the list of the world's largest online casinos. 

7. LeoVegas Online Casino

LeoVegas combines its lion strength (Leo means lion in Latin)  to help their customers achieve their dreams (Vegas is the city of dreams) through betting. This betting company was established in 2012 and is one of the other betting companies owned by MGM. It prides itself on having one of the best gaming apps, the LeoVegas App. They are FC Internazionale Milano's official partners and have lenses in 10 different countries of the world, including the UK, Brazil, and Canada, with 3.6 million users. 

8. Betway Online Casino

BetWay is one of the newcomers in the online casino business. Established in 2006, in just 17 years, it has licenses across Africa, North & South America, and Europe, plus over 60 brand partnerships with leagues and teams across the world, Arsenal FC, Atletico De Madrid West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur, and Brighton & Hove Albion being some of the most familiar footballing teams. They also have partnerships in horse racing, US Sports, cricket, tennis, rugby, etc. 

They have offices in England, Spain, Guernsey, and Malta, with Malta being their headquarters. In addition, they have over 600 employees and around 1300 third-party support staff scattered worldwide. It has about 2.7 Million customers across 24 countries. 

9. PartyCasino

PartyCasino is a brand of Entain, a multinational gaming and betting company with a major base in the UK. With 1.1 million customers, PartyCasino has shown why it is one of the largest online casinos in the world. It started operation in the late 90s, was rebranded in 2006, and is owned by GVC Holdings. 

10. Betfred Online Casino

Betfred is one of the oldest betting companies in the world and has remained true to its brand since its establishment in 1967 by two brothers, Fred Done and Peter Done. Since its establishment over 56 years ago, the business has remained in the family.

Fast forward to today. Betfred is the largest single betting company in the UK, with over 800,000 customers and 1,350 betting shops. In addition, they have moved their trade to the US and South Africa, where they have licenses in 10 states in the US and 50 betting halls in South Africa. 

Final Thoughts

Thousands of online casinos are doing business globally, but if you are looking for the 10 largest online casinos, you will need to start with Bet365. Other casinos that made the big boy list include Caesars Palace, 888 Holdings, Unibet, Flutter, BetMGM, LeoVegas, Betway, PartyCasino, and Betfred. These online casinos can make this list because of the number of users they attract yearly.  

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