How to Win Consistently in Poker

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A timeless dilemma is whether poker is a game of skill or luck. This can make many people question whether you can win in poker consistently. The good news for you is that poker is not just luck, and even though mastering it can be challenging, there is a possibility you can win at poker even with a poor hand. Even professional poker players sometimes lose, but their win ratio remains higher.

This just goes as evidence that once you become a pro, you will be able to increase your chances of winning. Poker requires a lot of skill and dedication, just as any other competitive game, and the only way to stay consistent with your win streak is to give it time while you continue to polish your skills.

This article will cover various aspects of the game to help you become better at it, understand areas you can improve, and ultimately win consistently in poker.

Understanding the Winning Aspects of Poker

Poker has three main aspects that determine your win rate, one more than the other. These three aspects are:

  • Luck
  • Mathematics
  • Psychology

Yes, luck also plays a role in winning, but only on rare occasions or if you are playing with friends and family. However, it runs out once you sit down at a table with professional poker players.

These three aspects are often generalized as luck being one, while mathematics and psychology constitute the “skill.” In the end, the battle is between luck vs. skill. However, that remains unrelated to consistent wins at poker, and therefore, what you need to understand are the mathematics and psychology aspects.

1. The Psychology Involved in Poker

Poker can be defined as a strategic game mainly because of the unpredictability involved and how you not only play your hand but also your opponents. Understanding your opponent’s facial expressions, decisions, and patterns is just as important in winning as being able to calculate everything decisively.

The two crucial skills you need to dominate your opponents are:

  • Having excellent control over your own emotions and expressions,
  • Good awareness of your opponent's true and fabricated expressions.

Since it is poker, there will always be differing perspectives on the psychological aspects involved. For instance, some might say you need to know how much risk to take and when. However, the two mentioned above are somewhat more generalized psychological skills that can generate results.

2. The Mathematics Involved in Poker

For those who are new to poker, it is easy to think of poker as merely a game of luck and a bit of psychology. However, those of you who are at a greater level know that mathematics is undeniably a winning factor in the game.

Before anything else, poker has multiple players and rounds, and money that you add to the pot. There are already enough numbers and figures surrounding the game, but the tricky part is understanding the maths to win the rounds. This difference is that of basic addition in maths compared to advanced calculus.

In the maths of playing, there are 52 cards, and each player is dealt two or more cards depending on the variant of poker being played. Cards are something closely associated with probability. In addition, it also works around the famous game theory.

That is to say, you need to apply probability and game theory concepts and boost your chances of winning. Winning does not necessarily mean taking the pot. On the contrary, knowing when to fold is also a genius move to avoid going bankrupt immediately.

The Right Way to Win Consistently in Poker

Now that you know the winning factors, it is time to learn some useful tips and strategies to win consistently at poker.

1. Use Psychology to Gain Leverage

Poker is a game that can be conquered by those who have more experience. That is to say, trying to gain psychological leverage over experienced or professional players can be quite a challenging feat. 

However, you can always remain confident and try to use the element of surprise. For instance, if you blundered by exposing your stress, then continue to do so even when you have a winning hand and convince them to go all in on a round you are certain to win.

In addition, you can constantly observe your opponents and develop a strategy to play your moves based on their behavioral patterns.

2. Use Mathematics to Win at Poker

Poker is a game that favors skill over luck. In fact, it is one of the rare few card games that can be won with skill instead of luck. In poker, you need to have superior control over the results. Here’s a table with complete poker odds for reference:

poker handNumber of ways the hand can be madeApproximate odds of getting the hand in five cards
Royal Flush41 in 649,740
Straight Flush361 in 72,193.33
Four of a Kind6241 in 4,165
Full House3,7441 in 694.16
Flush5,1081 in 508.80
Straight10,2001 in 254.80
Three-of-a-Kind54,1921 in 47.32
Two pairs123,5521 in 21.03
One Pair1,098,2401 in 2.36
No Pair1,302,5401 in 1.99

Using this table, you can become more aware of the odds and play the game by accounting for the mathematics involved. Again, this gives you an edge over the other players.


Poker can be quite difficult to get to an expert level at, and mastering it is nearly an impossible challenge. Even professional poker players worldwide believe that they, too, have a lot to learn before calling themselves true masters.

In a game of probability and psychology, you are putting your wits to the test against others who are as hungry for the win as you are. The one who can outsmart others and do the maths faster and better will always prevail.

One last thing to remember: the ultimate goal of poker is to make a profit. Do not press yourself too hard just for the win but rather focus on winning the most pot. As long as you have your chips, you can continue the game and go for the win, but without them, it’s all over.

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