10 Biggest Poker Sites Worldwide in 2024

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The biggest poker sites are the best sites to play online poker because of their highly lucrative promotion and game traffic. Many factors determine what makes a poker site the biggest. Some may say it is the payout speed, while others will choose loyalty programs to run for players. Average player traffic is one of the best parameters to determine the best poker sites. Why waste money building the best app for poker games when only a handful of people will use it?

That is bad for business. So, if you are looking for where to start with online poker, we've got you. In this blog, we will share 10 of the biggest poker sites.

10 Biggest Poker Sites

1. GGPoker

GGPoker was launched in 2017 to create a platform where poker players can play the game while having fun. Their poker software works perfectly well whether you are a mobile phone or tablet user. In August this year, GGpoker cash game traffic reached 9359 seats, breaking the record held in July, where its traffic was 9000. They can have over 100,000 average player traffic and almost 15,000 players online. 

One special thing that attracts players to its platform is their reward for passion. A player can earn up to 10 thousand dollars weekly in the buy-in super million tournament. They still hold the record for the highest price for online poker, where they paid almost 28 million dollars in the 2020 WSOP event. And if you are a new player, you can get a 100% welcome bonus. 

2. PokerStars

PokerStars prides itself on being the fastest online poker site in the world, although it has existed since 2001. Averaging over 850 thousand hands of poker dealt per hour and 3.4 million players in 140 countries since 2022, PokerStar's claim as one of the fastest-growing online poker is not far from the truth. 

With an average of 90,000 player traffic and almost 4 thousand players online, one factor that has helped them generate this much traffic is their software and comprehensive game selection format. Although a poker site is in for the money, they prioritize player safety, hence their well-player verification policy, an option to exclude oneself from playing, and enlightenment of responsible gaming.  

3. IDN Poker

IDN Poker is one online poker site that has used technology to advance its business and gain more traffic. With an average of 20,000 player traffic, this site is one you should try. They accumulated over 100 million users with their other partners, and the best part of this platform is that their site supports different currencies, making it easier for them to attract customers from different parts of the world. 

4. RedStar Poker

Redstar Poker was founded in 2005 to provide a secure poker experience for poker lovers worldwide. It prides itself as one of the poker sites where thousands of players can play the game safely. They put their customers first, with their royalty program offering a 35% fixed rakeback with a $2000 welcome bonus. 

With 7,000 average player traffic, the Hold’em 6-max table brings in 90% of the traffic. This brand is reliable with a fixed rakeback deal. And if you own a Bitcoin, Redstar Poker is a great place to use it as they accept it. 

5. Party Poker

For 22 years, Party Poker has provided one of the most fun and passionate poker experiences to its many customers. They offer easy deposits and a fast cash-out option with 24-hour customer service. They have offices in 14 different countries, including the US. With a Domain Rank of over 7000, they also boast almost 4000 average player traffic. 

6. Winamax Poker

Winamax is not that popular in the US, but this is one of the best go-to poker sites if you are based in France, although they launched their Spanish market in 2018. It has not looked back since 2014, when it opened its site to the world. With a total cash player of almost 2000 and about 3000 average player traffic. They only offer one welcome bonus, which can be claimed when you make your first deposit. Since 2021, Winamax has claimed the throne of the best poker site in France and one of the big boys in the world. 

7. 888Poker

888Poker is one of the oldest poker businesses in the world, with over 10 million registered players scattered worldwide. It is a poker site owned by 888 Holding, a company traded on the London Stock Exchange since 2005.  The live event gives the best poker experience; you can play your favorite tournament wherever you are.  

They average around 1,500 player traffic but are declining because they have low rakeback.  Aside from that, they have a reliable and functional mobile app and software, many events and bonuses, and are one of the big boys in the poker in online poker with many years of experience. 

8. American Cardroom

American Cardroom is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to online poker, with 16 associated members. This poker site was founded in 2001 and has since opened its door to players worldwide, including those in the United States. You can win up to $2000 as a welcome bonus if you are a new player. 

With an average player traffic of about 500, you are guaranteed a big tournament, easy deposit, fast payment, and safety if you use this site. 

9. Unibet Poker

Unibet is another proven poker site for lovers, especially those seeking recreational poker experience. Since 1997, Unibet has expanded to 100 countries and services 11 million poker players. Although they have low traffic compared to most poker sites on this list, like some popular platforms compared to others that didn't make this list, they are one of the biggest. New players can get 200 Euros as a welcome bonus. With 450 average player traffic, signing up for this site will give you a 200 Euro bonus, a decent player pool, and many free events.  

10. MPL Poker

MPL Poker has an average player traffic of 332 and is one of the biggest in its own right. In India, you can not discuss poker sites without discussing MPL poker. Although the site is not among the top 9, it has potential considering the Indian market, and it is fast becoming one of the popular poker brands in Asia. Some of their tournament include Texas hold ’em poker, pot-limit Omaha, and open-face Chinese poker. 


Based on average player traffic, GGPoker is by far the biggest. However, other poker sites in this list are also big for them to make this list. To enjoy the best poker experience wherever you are, we recommend checking out one or more of the sites listed here. Enjoy playing!  

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