Dana White: The Uncrowned Blackjack King

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Dana White, one of the most genius blackjack winners and the mastermind behind Ultimate Fighting Corporation (UFC), managed to win $7 million in one night. While he’s spotted enjoying online betting from the comfort of his room, Dana’s true passion lies in hitting the actual casino floor and experiencing the intense gambling action in person.  

He’s known for winning big, facing bans and accusations of card counting (which he denied, of course). After being banned, he came back in 2014 and won $2 million in just 3 months.

You can call him a trash-talking guy, but honestly, he's just a straightforward and bold person who knows his game. In one of his interviews, he said:

“..Because you’re there just to have fun…I’m not there to have fun, and I don't want their f*****g liquor, I am there to win!”

Dana is also a generous tipper. According to sources, he gave away $200,000 to dealers after his continuous wins in 2014. His unique math strategy has won him millions, accompanied by a few losses. Dana White loves high-stake blackjack, but unfortunately, he is denied permission to gamble in a few casinos in Vegas. 

About Dana White

Dana Fredrick White Jr., who won millions in blackjack at different tables, was born on July 28, 1969, in Manchester, Connecticut, US. He spent most of his life in Vegas, where he became the center of attention in many casinos. 

Dana White is a big name in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world, not for his fighting skills but for running the show as the head of the challenging MMA empire.

Back in 2001, Dana’s old friends Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta (on Dana’s advice) purchased the struggling UFC for $2 million. Dana White was immediately made the President of UFC. Even though the company was faced with financial challenges, Dana, with his creative solutions, came up with the reality show ”The Ultimate Fighter” in 2005.

In 2016, the Fertitta brothers sold the majority of UFC to WME-IMG for $4 billion, with Dana retaining a 9% minority ownership stake and his position as President.

Despite controversies, including disputes with fighters and media, White’s aggressive management style and strategic decisions have played a crucial role in establishing the UFC as a global powerhouse in combat sports.

Dana Reveals His Secret Strategy

Dana White has gained a notable reputation for his success in blackjack, a feat often dismissed as mere luck by some. However, the truth is that Dana is a dedicated and serious player who opts for a cerebral approach rather than relying on chance.

Dana has his own well-thought-out strategies which he uses to increase his chances of winning blackjack. Let’s check out the secret sauce behind Dana’s big wins.

He sets his win limits in mind. Dana White starts off with substantial initial bets, placing $75,000 per hand. If he wins the first few hands, he locks in a $150,000 profit and decides to leave the game. He emphasizes his wins and pretty much doesn't care if the session lasts 3 minutes or 3 hours. 

As his starting bet is high, Dana gets more control over the game. He can tweak the rules the way he wants, affecting the house edge. 

Clearly, he plays a high-risk game. Dana usually sticks to his regular blackjack playbook (The Martingale system), but with every game, he switches things up a little bit. Sometimes, he trusts his gut feeling to score the big win.

He loves the game, enjoys the pressure, and keeps a suitcase with him just in case the casino refuses to give him a bag for his big wins.

Dana White Wins and Losses

Dana White, the fearless blackjack player, scored so many wins that The Palm banned him not once but twice. His winning streak was too much for the casino to handle as he won $1.6 million once more on his comeback, and they couldn't afford to let him clean them out again.

He is not a fan of sports betting, though he admits losing $1 million on Jermain Taylor and Kelly Pavlik match. It was a terrible loss for him that completely ruined his trip.

Dana White’s blackjack journey swings from $1 million losses to $7 million wins while also keeping the dealers happy with a tip of $500.

Joe Rogan (UFC commentator) thinks Dana gambles hard. While watching Dana White gamble at the Red Rocks, he said in a podcast:

He’s there for 5 minutes and he's down $125,000..and I am watching this and like oh, my God, my anxiety’s through the roof…Dana’s down 600 Grand, he’s down 600 Grand when we left 2 in the morning…. He gambled there to who knows what hours of the morning…He won, he got ahead…he got ahead like 600 Grand

Dana helped Taylor Lewan win 60k in 3 minutes. Dana’s passion for blackjack still continues. As the President of UFC, he earns a handsome salary while high-stakes gambling continues to boost his net worth.

Why did Casinos ban him?

Being the CEO of UFC, Dana has a net worth of $500 million. This allows him to play the highest blackjack stakes. 

He won $1.6 million in one night at Palms Casino but later got banned. With the change in management, Dana was invited back to the casino and again nailed it. After watching his impressive wins, Palms Casino first lowered his bets to $5000, then gave him the title of the undisputed blackjack champion as their way of saying never to return to The Palms again. As Dana responded to one of the questions in GQ sports, saying:

"It's not that I'm banned from casinos, they just don't won't me to play there. They won't give me the limits I want and they won't let me bet as much as I want because they don't like to lose"

But he loves his title and tells his wife that his proud accomplishment should be in his hands when he is buried.

With a combo of luck and skilled play, Dana managed to wipe out many casinos in Vegas. Due to his reputation as an exceptional blackjack player, he was banned from many top casinos like Wynn and The Mirage. Although he can party there and watch others play, he is not offered a seat at the table to gamble.

Places that do allow him to play include some of the biggest casinos in the world, such as Cesar's Palace, the Bellagio, and the Venetian, with his personal favorite being Cesar's Palace. They allow him to bet as high as he wants. The management takes care of their player rather than worrying about losing their money.  According to Dana, it's a great place to be if you wanna bet higher wagers.


Dana White isn't just the UFC big shot; he’s also the guy you’d want by your side at the blackjack table. Scoring massive wins and shrugging off big losses, he’s a wild card both in the octagon and casino. Getting kicked out of places like The Palms only adds to his legend.

Dana’s story isn't just about MMA glory; it's about a guy who gambles hard and keeps coming back for more, whether it’s in the ring or at the blackjack table.

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