Top 30 Biggest Casinos in the World

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Whenever someone hears the word casino, only one thing comes to mind - Las Vegas. While it is true that there are many casinos in Las Vegas, in the same way, we have many casinos in different parts of the world offering similar casino experiences to Las Vegas. If you love visiting casinos for games or fun and are wondering what other bigger casinos are there worldwide, wonder no more because we've got you on that. In this blog, we will be sharing the top 30 biggest casinos in the world by square feet so that whenever you travel to any of the countries where the casino is located, you can have a similar casino experience or a better one as though you are still in your home country. 

Top 30  Biggest Casinos In The World

1. The Venetian Macau

China opened the door to one of the biggest casinos in the world in 2007 - the Venetian casino in Macau. It has a 602,000-square-foot casino floor (56,000 square meters). The large casino has 601 tables and 2000 slot machines. For those traveling long distances to play the game, the casino has 3000 rooms and restaurants to meet your accommodation and feeding needs.

2. Casinò di Campione

Italy does not have as many casinos as China and the US, but we will give it to them when it comes to having one of the biggest casinos. The Casino di Campione has a staggering 590,000 square feet of casino space. Aside from being one of the biggest, it is also one of the oldest, founded in 1917. It has 500 slot machines and 56 gaming tables. 

3. Casino de Montréal

Casino de Montreal can be tagged as the Canadian wonder; The casino has 526,488 square feet of casino space. The list of the world's 30 largest casinos can not be complete without mentioning this casino. It has 3000 gaming machines, one of the world's largest, and 111 poker tables, including bars and restaurants. 

4. WinStar World Casino

The WinStar Casino is by far one of the largest casinos in the world, with a 519,000-square-foot casino floor. This massive US casino was not this big when it opened in 2003. However, it has undergone several expansions over the years. In addition, it has 7,500 electronic games, 99 tables, 930 bingo seats, and 47 poker tables.

5. Wynn Palace Macau

The Wynn Palace is located in Macau, Hong Kong, and has a 424,000-square-foot casino floor. Because this massive casino needs about 12250 employees to run it daily, it has private gaming salons and sky casinos. You can do so many things when you visit this casino to play their many games. You can shop in their 107,000 square retail shops or meet in their 37,000 square feet meeting center. You can eat in one or more of their 14 eating outlets or lodge in the 10,10 rooms. 

6. City of Dreams

The City of Dream Casino is located in Macau, China. It was opened in 2009. The 420,000-square-foot casino has 520 gaming tables, 600 guest rooms, and 1350 gaming machines over 20 guest rooms, bars, and 1,400 guests for lovers of world-class luxury. Visiting this casino will surely make your gaming dreams a reality.

7. Galaxy Casino

Galaxy Casino is another mega casino in the Chinese collection of large casinos. The Galaxy Casino is a 400,000-square-foot casino. It also has food and drink outlets for the comfort of its guests. 

8. Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun is a 34-story building housing one of the biggest and finest casinos in the world. This casino is located in Connecticut, USA, and can be tagged an American wonder. Mohegan Sun has a casino floor that is 364,000 square feet. In addition to the state-of-the-art poker room, it has smoke-free areas and over 45 restaurants for food lovers. 

9. Foxwoods Resort Casino

Foxwood Resort Casino is another big casino in the United States. This casino has a whopping 344,000 square foot casino space. It also boasts 280 gaming tables and 4,800 slot machines. When you are done making money in the casino, you can unwind in their swimming pool, spa, shopping mall, golf course, museum, or the 20-lane bowling alley. 

10. Riverwind Casino

The Riverwind Casino has a remarkable 287,000-square-foot casino floor located in Oklahoma, USA, making it one of the best gaming destinations for many people. The large casino has 19 tables of games, 2800 electronic games, a poker room, and many more for players. 

11. MGM Cotai Casino

MGM Cotai is the pride of Macau, China. Having over 725 slot machines and 187 poker tables, This casino can accommodate thousands of people in its 1389 rooms. It was opened in 2018 and cost the developers almost 4 billion dollars. The MGM Cotai Casino has 280,000 square feet of casino space. 

12. Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Thunder Valley Casino Resort is a 275,000-square-foot world-class casino located in California. The casino opened in 2003 with 3,000 slot machines and video games, live poker for 450 players, and 100 table games. 

13. Wynn Macau Casino

Wynn Macau is the twin of the Wynn Palace Resort. The Wynn Macau has a 273,000-square-foot casino space. This casino is in Hong Kong and has a sky casino, gaming salons, a poker pit, and a pool.  

14. Ponte 16- Historic Resort Casino

Ponte 16 Resort Casino is another pride of the Chinese collection of casinos. It has a 270,000-square-foot casino space and features 109 tabes, 307 slot machines, and two VIP rooms for big poker players. The casino also has different restaurants offering a variety of local and continental dishes.  

15. Rio Casino Resort

The African continent doesn't have many large casinos, but the Rio Casino resort represents the continent very well. With 266,330 square feet of casino space, this casino is open 24 hours and features 274 gaming machines and 13 poker tables. The Casino also has a bar, 2 restaurants, and 70 guest rooms. 

16. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, located in Florida, is one of the biggest casinos in the world. Aside from the 245,000 square foot casino floor, this casino has over 5000 slots in addition to the 3 bars and 5 restaurants. With this, the Seminole Hard Rock Casino offers all casino lovers who visit it a world-class gambling, entertainment, and dining experience that only a few casinos in the world can boast of. 

17. Sands Macao Casino

The Sand Macao was opened in 2004 with an initial casino floor of about 170,000, but this was expanded two years later to give it the current 229,000 square feet of casino space it has today. Again, this casino is in China and features slots, games, and blackjack tables every day of the week.

18. MGM Casino Macau

MGM casino is the second MGM casino in Macau, China, that makes this list. The casino has 222,000 square feet of casino space. Also, the casino has a ballroom, spa, bar, restaurant and lounges. 

19. The Crown Casino, Melbourne

For those who have not visited the Crown Casino, pure luxury awaits you. The casino is in Melbourne, Australia. This world-class casino has been open since 1994 and features 2,628 gaming machines, 540 gaming tables, and 1,600 guest rooms. It has 200,000 square feet of casino space. 

20. Wynn and Encore Complex

The Wynn and Encore Casino is located in Las Vegas, USA, and has 186,187 square feet of casino space. This casino opened in 2005 and was named after Steve Wynn, its founder. The casino features 2,200 slot machines and 240 gaming tables.

21. MGM Grand Casino

The MGMGrand Casion was completed in 1993 and was crowned the largest in the US. Thirty years later, it still found itself in the top 30 largest casinos in the world. The 30-story building has almost 7,000 rooms, one of the biggest in the world. With this number of rooms, you are guaranteed a space whenever you visit. It also has 171,500 square feet of casino space. 

22. Casino Grand Lisboa

Casino Grand Lisboa has the reputation of being one of the finest casinos in Asia. Located at the heart of Macau, China, it has 6 restaurants, a laundry service, a gym, a business center, a cafe, a nonsmoking room, and the legendary Lisboa casino, which has 107 slot machines and 146 game tables. It has 165,000 square feet of casino space. 

23. Marina Bay Sands

Speaking about class, you must talk about the Marina Bay Sands. The casino was opened in 2010 in Singapore. The casino building is one of the most iconic buildings in Asia. It is a three 55-storey tower, all connected at 200 meters. The top-notch casino has a 162,000-square-foot casino space featuring 1,600 slot machines, 500 gaming tables, and over 30 private gaming rooms. 

24. Borgata Casino

The Borgata Casino is located in Atlantic City, USA. It opened in 2003 and has a 161,000-square-foot casino floor with 176 gaming tables and 2,549 slot machines. Aside from the large casino, visitors enjoy the non-stop entertainment. They have a 2,400-seat event center with a music box with a capacity of 1000 seats, as well as a bar and nightclub.  

25. Bellagio Casino

Bellagio Casino is one of Las Vegas's finest casinos, with 156,000 square feet of casino space. It features 2,700 slot machines and 173 gaming tables. The water fountain at the front of this casino makes it one of the best side attractions of any casino in the world. The 36-floor building has 400 rooms for guests. 

26. Star World Casino

The Star World Casino is another world-class casino found only in China. This casino has 39 floors with 507 rooms. The 140,000 square feet of casino floor features 223 gaming tables. The world can not just describe the beauty of this casino; you should see it for yourself. 

27. Casino de Monte Carlo 

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monte Carlo is one of Europe's oldest and most lavish casinos.

Casino de Monte Carlo. It's a magnificent building, which was opened in the 18th century in Monaco, and for almost 160 years, the building housing the casino has thrilled visitors no matter how many times they visit. The Casino de Monte Carlo has a 108,000-square-foot casino floor. Some of the games offered in this casino include baccarat, poker, crap, blackjack, and roulette.  

28. Resorts World Sentosa

The completion of the Resort World Sentosa in Singapore shows that it is not only China that has a monopoly on large casinos in Asia. With a 100,000-square-foot casino space, this casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

29. The Hippodrome Casino

The Hippodrome is located at the heart of London. Since opening its doors to gamers, it has provided an unprecedented luxurious experience with its collection of casino games. The Hippodrome Casino has a 75,000-square-foot casino floor. Other things that make it one of the world's biggest are its 8 large bars, 3 outdoor terraces, and more. 

30. The Empire Casino

The Empire Casino was opened to the general public in the UK in 2007. The 55,000-square-foot casino floor was a theater and a ballroom before being converted into a casino. The Empire Casino floor has 127 slot machines, 50 game tables, bars, restaurants,  and a poker room. The poker room hosts Omaha and Texas Hold’em tournaments every day by 2 pm.  

Final Thoughts

The largest casino in our list by square feet of casino space is The Venetian Casino in China. China dominates the country with the largest casinos, as most of the top largest casinos in the world on our list are mostly from China. The United States followed behind.  Other big names on this list include  Casino di Campione, Italy; Casino de Montréa, Canada; WinStar World Casino, USA; Wynn Palace Macau, Hong Kong; and City of Dreams, China. These 6 casinos are the top 6 among our top 30 largest casinos in the world. So, if you are wondering what the largest casinos are, there you have it. 

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