Top 25 Biggest US Casinos

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The United States has millions of casino lovers, and many casinos have been opened to meet demand. However, the size and the service they offer differ. Some casinos have a handful of gaming tables and slot machines, while others have hundreds of gaming tables and slot machines running in thousands. If you want to know the biggest casinos in the US where all your casino passions can be expressed, follow us as we will show you the top 25 best us casinos based on square feet of casino space.

Top 25 Biggest US Casinos

1. WinStar World Casino

Oklahoma boasts one of the biggest casinos in the United States. It is right if we can this casino monster because of the whopping 519,000 square feet of casino space. The casino opened in 2004 and started using its current name in 2009. No casino in the United States can boast 7,500 electronic tables, and only a handful of casinos worldwide can boast that number of electronic machines. In addition to that, it has 47 gaming tables and 930 bingo seats. 

2. Mohegan Sun Casino

Mohegan Sun Casino is an American classical beauty with a touch of poshness. The casino has an outstanding 364,000 square feet of casino space. Mehegan Sun was opened in 1996 in Connecticut and has since stood as one of America's biggest casino heavens. The gaming floor has 6,500 slot machines and 377 game tables, plus video games. Since it opened 27 years ago, it has undergone several changes. The biggest was in 2006, which saw the casino add 650 slot machines, 42 table poker rooms, and 28 gaming tables. 

3. Foxwoods Casino

Foxwoods Resort Casino is located in Connecticut. This casino does not just have one casino but six in total. The casino was officially opened in 1992, and it has undergone several upgrades several times that make it stand out as one of the biggest casinos in the United States. The casino has a whopping 344,000 square feet of casino space, which features 4,800 slot machines. Foxwood is one of the casinos in the US that houses an impressive number of slot machines. In addition, it has 280 gaming tables. And when you are not playing games, you can shop in the shopping mall or relax in their standard swimming pool.

4. Riverwind Casino

Riverwind is a world-class casino in Oklahoma that was opened in 2006. This casino is among the biggest casinos in the state and the entire United States. It has 287,000 square feet of casino space, which features 2,800 electronic games, a poker room, 19 gaming tables, and off-track betting. Aside from playing games in the casino, you can be entertained in their 1,500-seat theater that hosts many entertaining programs. You can also unwind in one of their 100 rooms, providing a serene atmosphere for comfort. 

5. Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Thunder Valley Casino Resort was opened in 2003. It is located in California. It was renovated in 2010 to help it maintain its world-class position and become one of the United States' top casinos. The casino has 275,000 square feet of casino space, which features 125 gaming tables, 3,000 slot machines, and a poker room for over 150 players. The icing on the case for this casino will be its entertainment center, bars, restaurant, and several guest rooms for your comfort and relaxation. 

6. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

One thing that draws people to this casino is its architecture. Also known as the guitar casino, its hard rock guitar structure is beautiful in Florida. The casino has 245,000 square feet of casino space featuring games like mini-baccarat, let it ride, blackjack, pai gow, three-card, and so on. The casino has 500 slot machines with various games and a poker room. In 2019, it opened Hard Rock Live, which has a 7,000-seat capacity theater for different events. 

7. Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant

Choctaw Casino & Resort-Durant opened in 2006, and if you are a food lover and a passionate casino fan, this casino is the perfect destination. The casino has 218,000 square feet of space with over 7,600 slot machines. It is located in Oklahoma and is one of the casinos you should visit if you are a fan.

8. Encore Boston Harbor Resort

Encore Boston Harbor Resort is another newest casino on this list, and it is located in Massachusetts with 210,000 square feet of casino space, which includes 3,158 slot machines, 88 poker tables, 143 gaming tables, and 60 high-limit slots. It also has two private rooms with 3 machines and high-limit slots each. 

9. Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort is located in Isabella Indian Reservation. It was opened in 1998 and has over 514 guest rooms. The casino has 4,400 slot machines and 70 gaming tables. The casino has 210,000 square feet of space. 

10. Pechanga Resort Casino

Pechanga Resort Casino is one of the biggest US casinos located in California. It has 200,000 square feet of casino space. If you are in the US and looking for a casino with nonstop gaming, then we recommend Pechanga Resort Casino. If you are a no-smoker or would like to enjoy your game in a nonsmoking environment, then this is another reason why you should choose this casino, as it has zero policy of smoking in its gaming halls.

The casino was opened in 2002 with 5,400 slot machines, 152 gaming tables, and a private gaming room for VIPs. And for your comfort after games, it has several restaurants, spas, an event center, a theater, and other side attractions.  

11. Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort

When you come to Las Vegas, hardly any casino, like the Wynn and Encore Resort, stands out. The casino is beautiful and shows off luxury, but the size is massive. It has 186,187 square feet of casino space, which features 240 gaming tables and 2,200 slot machines. It was opened to the public in 2005, and since then, it has been providing world-class casino services to many casino enthusiasts. 

12. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino was opened in Nevada in 1993, and since its opening, it has remained on the top list of one of the biggest casinos in the United States. Aside from the 171,500 square feet of casino space, it has about 7,000 lodging rooms for guests, restaurants, and nightclubs. The casino has 3,500 slot machines and 165 gaming tables. If you are looking for one of the biggest casinos in the US where you can express your gaming passion to the fullest, this casino will provide all you need. 

13. Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

New Jersey is a proud state with one of the biggest casinos in the US located in it. This casino has 161,000 square feet of space, including 2,569 slot machines, 50 poker tables, and 176 gaming tables. The resort housing the casino has almost 3000 rooms for guests. The casino opened in 2003 and, in the past 20 years, has trained casino players with world-class service. It has also undergone several renovations and upgrades so that it remains relevant in the business of satisfying all its customers. You need not worry about your stomach on your visit because they have world-class restaurants to meet your needs. 

14. Bellagio Hotel and Casino

The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is in Las Vegas and opened in 1998. The building has 36 floors comprising several guest rooms and 156,000 square feet of casino space. The casino features 173 gaming tables and 2,700 slot machines. The casino also has a private room with almost 300 square feet of casino space exclusively for high rollers. One of the best parts of visiting this magnificent casino is that you will get to see an exceptional artificial water fountain. You can not see such a fountain anywhere in the United States. 

15. Parx Casino

Parx Casino has 150,000 square feet of casino space, featuring 3,320 slot machines, 48 poker tables, and 188 live games like poker and baccarat. In addition, it has 48 table poker room. The casino was opened in 2009 and is located in Pennsylvania. It also has several restaurants if you are a foodie. 

16. Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is in Nevada and has 129,000 square feet of casino space. This casino has 16 poker rooms, and you can enter their daily tournament with as low as $70. To meet the daily needs of their customers, they have more than 100 gaming tables and almost 1,300 slot machines. The casino also has a wedding chapel, conventional center, spa, shopping mall, pool, clubs, and restaurant. 

17. Harrah's New Orleans Hotel and Casino

Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino is in New Orleans, and it was opened in 1999. It has 115,000 square feet of casino space, featuring 2,100 slot machines, 90 gaming tables, and a poker room. In addition, there are several rooms for your lodging pleasure. 

18. Horseshoe Hammond

Horseshoe Hammond is located in Indiana, and it was opened in 1996. The casino has 108,000 square feet of casino space, featuring 1,965 gaming machines and 115 tables. It also has a restaurant, bar, lounges, and entertainment center. 

19. del Lago Resort & Casino

Del Lado Resort & Casino has 94,000 square feet of casino space, which features 1956 slot machines, 14 table poker rooms, and 85 gaming tables. In 2019, they added the 6,000-square-foot DraftKings Sportsbook. It is one of the newest casinos on this list. It was opened in 2017 and is located in California, New York. 

20. Beau Rivage Resort & Casino

The Beau Rivage Resort and Casino is designed purposely for those looking for the ultimate escape to heaven. The casino is in Mississippi and has 85,000 square feet of casino space. It also has a 32-storey building with 1,740 rooms for your accommodation. It was opened in 1999 and also had several restaurants. 

21. Peppermill Casino

Peppermill Casino is one of the oldest casinos in Nevada and the US. This casino opened in 1971 and has provided millions of casino lovers with one of the best experiences for 52 years. The casino has 82,000 square feet of casino space. While playing your favorite games, this casino promises to pleasure you with its rooms & suits, dining, wellness & spa, nightlife/entertainment, and meeting & convention centers. 

22. Buffalo Thunder Casino

Buffalo Thunder Casino has 70,000 feet of casino space. The casino in New Mexico has 1,200 slot machines, a special poker room, and 19 Keno games. Buffalo Thunder Casino is the pride of New Mexico, offering exceptional entertainment in their event center golf court, with world-class restaurants and lodging rooms.

23. Wind Creek Casino & Hotel 

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel is located in Atmore, Alabama. It was opened in 2009 and has 57,000 square feet of casino space. The casino has 1,600 slot machines and provides a 24-hour gaming experience. The casino is in a 17-story masterpiece building with 236 luxury rooms for guests. 

24. Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack

Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack is in New York. It was opened in 1962, making it one of the oldest and biggest casinos in the United States. The 44,000-square-foot casino space features slot machines. Some games you can play there include video poker, penny machine, and progressives. They offer smoke-free gaming space open from 8 am to 4 am.

25. Jumer’s Casino Rock Island

Jumer’s Casino Rock Island, also called Bally’s Quad Cities, is a casino in Illinois with 43,000 square feet of casino floors. This casino has 1,000 slot machines, a poker room, and 18 gaming tables. 

Final Thought

The WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma is the biggest US casino, with over five hundred thousand square feet of casino space. Other top Mohegan Sun Casino, Foxwoods Casino, Riverwind Casino, and the list went up to thirty. Try these casinos and have a first-hand experience of their exceptional gaming experience. 

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