How To Add Friends On Zynga Poker

How To Add Friends On Zynga Poker
3 January 2024

Playing poker using the Zynga app is one of the best ways to enjoy poker games. This social app allows you to play poker with friends worldwide, irrespective of where they are. The best part of Zynga Poker is that you get your best poker buddies to play poker with you, which is, of course, full of fun, but aside from that, you can still get your friends to send you chips when yours is about to finish.

Even though playing Zynga Poker has all these best parts, many users still struggle to add friends. If you have that challenge, no worries because in a few minutes, we will tell you how to add your friends on Zynga Poker in five easy steps. 

5 Steps On How To Add Friends On Zynga Poker

1. Launch The Application

By now, you should have already known that the first thing you need to do if you want to add a friend on Zynga Poker will be to launch the Zynga Poker app. 

2. Tap The Add  Friends Section

When the app is displayed on your screen, the next option is to tap and select the “Add Friend” Option. If you are wondering where this option is, just look at the bottom right-hand side of your device screen. To move to the next step, just tap on it. 

3. Select the Preferred Method

When you select the “Add Friend” option, you will be shown the two available methods to add friends on Zynga Poker. The first option is to add a friend from your Facebook, while the second option will add a friend from your poker buddies. If you are going with the first option, it means you should have a Facebook account. Otherwise, you can not use that option. But if you have a Facebook account, just select the option and plug in your Facebook details. The second option is easier; just choose the second option, which will take you to the next step.     

4. Enter The Friend’s Code

If you select the “Poker Buddies” option, you can enter the friend’s code in the required field. If you are having a challenge knowing what your friend’s code is. Don't crack your head over that. You can ask your friends for their codes or look them up on their Zynga Poker profiles. 

5. Send The Friends Request  

You should be shown the “Send Request” option if you entered your friend's code correctly. You can then select the option, and your friend will receive a notification about your request. If you do not want to wait a long time for your friend to accept the request, you can tell your friend that you have sent them a request so they can accept it as soon as possible. Another reason you should personally notify your friend after the notification is sent is that your friend may decline the request if they are unsure who it came from. 


Adding friends to your Zynga Poker is one of the best ways to have fun online while playing poker. With five easy steps, you can achieve that. The first step is to load the app on your device, then choose the “Add Friend” option, choose your preferred method, enter your friend’s code, and finally, you can send a request. 

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