10 Best Poker Rooms in Vegas You Need to Visit

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Las Vegas is a gambler’s paradise, with dozens of casinos to choose from. Because there are so many options, the competition for players is fierce. Each establishment is trying to offer the best experience. This intense competition has resulted in some amazing poker rooms. Let’s look at some of the best places to visit on your next trip to Sin City. 

1. Wynn

Wynn Casino hosts one of the busiest poker rooms in Vegas. There are plenty of reasons why players are attracted to this location. Expect lots of tables and a wide selection of games to explore. The amenities are great, with USB phone chargers built into the table. 

However, the biggest attraction is the huge range of tournaments on offer. Like most other poker rooms, the Wynn runs frequent poker competitions, giving you lots of chances to win big. The real action, though, occurs during the seasonal festivals.

These come with a larger buy-in, typically a few hundred dollars. But the best players could win big, sometimes walking away with thousands. Win a large competition, and you can get millions.

2. Aria 

This is one of the most popular destinations for poker players. With 24 tables, there’s always plenty of action to explore. Or you can put your skills to the test by entering one of the daily No Limit Hold-em poker tournaments. Between Sunday and Thursday, the guaranteed winnings are $4,000 for a buy-in of $160. On Fridays and Saturdays, though, the winnings jump to $5,000 for a $240 buy-in. 

3. MGM

If you are looking for a relaxing, low-stakes game of poker, MGM might be ideal for you. They run daily Texas Hold-’em tournaments. Plus, there are lots of other fun ways to reward players who prefer long sessions—for example, the Progressive High Hand of the Hour.  

4. Bellagio

The Bellagio is slightly different from the other casinos on this list. They don’t tend to offer tournament play. But they do have some of the best cash games on the strip. Plus, they have 37 tables, which makes them one of the largest poker rooms in Vegas. Despite this, you might need to wait a while for a table spot to become available. 

However, the Legends Room is one of the highlights of this casino. This is an exclusive area containing just two tables. Professional poker players and high rollers making a living from poker are known to play in this section. You might even spot a few celebrities. 

5. Resort World

Resort World is one of the newest Vegas casinos, costing an estimated $4.3 billion. As you would expect, the large budget has allowed them to create an amazing poker room. All the latest amenities are included. For example, you can order food from any restaurant and get it delivered to your table.

You can even use an app to book your spot at the tables, so you don’t need to wait in line. Even better, they run regular tournaments, with most buy-ins of around $160 and guaranteed winnings of around $4,000. 

6. PokerGO

Celebrity poker player Daniel Negreanu admitted during an interview with Poker News that this is his favorite place to play. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is a stunning venue. Spectacular wall-to-ceiling screens surround the table. It also has high-tech LED lighting, which can be controlled remotely to add more drama to the game. This technology gives the room a slick, modern vibe. 

There’s just one problem. Most people won’t be able to play here. This table is usually reserved for professional players in high-stakes games. Often, this location is featured in World Series of Poker (WSP) games. But the good news is that poker fans might be able to get tickets to spectate on certain events. 

7. Caesars Palace

The Caesars Palace poker room only houses 16 tables. So, you’ll need to book your table. Multiple tournaments are held throughout the day. Casual players will find plenty of cash games. Often, the stakes are fairly low, with $1/$2 games common. This is ideal for casual players. 

However, you’ll need to contend with one big downside. The poker room is positioned very close to the sports book. This means things can get a little rowdy. During big games, you might need to talk loudly to be heard. Some players might thrive in this lively atmosphere. Others will find the noise too distracting, making it hard to concentrate. 

8. Golden Nugget

Many of the other poker rooms on this list have a modern feel. But if you are seeking a more old-school vibe, try the Golden Nugget. The felt table lining and golden downlighting add to the vintage charm. Of course, though, you can still expect modern amenities like flatscreen TVs and USB chargers. One word of warning. This venue only has 13 tables, so you'd better book in quickly.

But that’s not all that sets this venue apart from other poker rooms. First, the games tend to be $1/$2 Hold-’em. With such a low buy-in, everyone can afford to play. The good news is that tables are arranged by experienced level.

Beginners can enjoy a casual game, while experienced players can bet large. Because of this, the action can quickly escalate. Another unique feature is that the Golden Nugget is one of the only casinos to allow players to bet with $100 bills. 

9. Red Rock

Many of the above casinos are located close to the strip. Some people love the convenience. For others, though, it means having to deal with a lot of tourists. 

But, go for a short drive, and you’ll see a different side to Vegas poker. Red Rock sits 20 minutes outside the city and offers a huge 20-table poker room. The crucial difference, though, is that this venue tends to be favored by local players. This is perfect for those looking to form social connections.  

10. Orleans Casino

Like Red Rock, Orleans Casino is a short drive from the strip, so you can expect fewer tourists. Interestingly, there are 34 tables, making this poker room one of the largest in Vegas. Because of this, you can explore plenty of poker varieties. Plus, there are plenty of tournaments you can explore.


Las Vegas has the most impressive poker rooms on the planet. Ultimately, though, you need to find a venue that fits your poker-playing style. Feel free to try multiple rooms before deciding which one is right for you. 

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