5 Biggest Gambling Countries Around the World

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One of the biggest industries in the world, gambling, or betting, has seen massive growth over the past few decades. With the Internet creeping into every corner of the globe and the legalization and cultural acceptance of online betting in developed countries, the global bet market reached $449 billion in 2022.

But which countries are the most significant contributors to this rapid growth? From the bright lights and big city vibes of Las Vegas in the United States to the deep-rooted gambling culture of Italy, let’s take a look at the biggest gambling countries in the world.

1. United States of America 

Gross Gambling Revenue (2023): $600 Billion 

With an annual gambling revenue of close to $600 billion, it’s no surprise that the United States is the undisputed heavyweight champion in the global gambling arena.

Historically, America has had a tumultuous relationship with gambling. In the early 20th century, the Prohibition era saw both alcohol and forms of gambling outlawed. The Great Depression brought about change when states sought alternative revenue streams, leading to the legalization of certain gambling activities.

Fast forward to the late 20th century, and Las Vegas becomes the epitome of American gambling culture. The city's neon-lit skyline became synonymous with high-stakes poker, slot machines, and a vibrant entertainment scene. Beyond the slot machines and blackjack tables, the U.S. boasts a spectrum of gambling options, from traditional horse racing and lotteries to cutting-edge online casinos and fantasy sports leagues. The legalization of sports betting in 2018 opened the floodgates for a multibillion-dollar sports betting market.

Did You Know? According to the WSJ, the average adult in the USA spends $261 a year on lotteries and casino gambling. 

2. United Kingdom 

Gross Gambling Revenue (2023): $18.6 Billion 

From the gentlemanly wagers of the upper class to the more accessible appeal of public lotteries, gambling is woven into the fabric of British society. Current gambling statistics showcase the UK's prominence on the global stage. The annual gross gambling yield, hovering around £14 billion, makes the island nation the second-largest gambling market in Europe. 

Popular forms of gambling in the UK are as diverse as the accents you might encounter on the streets of London. Sports betting, particularly on football matches, is one of the most popular forms of gambling, with high-street bookmakers on every corner. Casino games, both land-based and online, offer a slightly more sophisticated experience, while bingo remains a favorite pastime, enjoyed both in traditional halls and online platforms.

Did You Know? In England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the average gambler spends $179 a year on betting and gaming

3. France 

Gross Gambling Revenue (2023) – $14.9 Billion 

France has been a pioneer in many aspects of gambling. The invention of the roulette wheel in the 17th century became a staple of modern casinos. Throughout the centuries, France's cultural centers like Paris became synonymous with sophisticated gaming and betting.

Popular forms of gambling in France mirror the country's flair for sophistication. Horse racing holds a special place in the French gambling scene, with the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe attracting international attention. Sports betting, particularly on football, captures the nation's passion, while casino games, both online and in luxurious establishments like the Casino de Monte-Carlo, offer a refined gaming experience.

With an annual gross gaming revenue surpassing €10 billion, the country ranks among the top European gambling markets. 

4. Canada 

Gross Gambling Revenue (2023) – $14 Billion 

Canada has a deep-rooted history of gambling, with indigenous communities engaging in games of chance long before European settlers arrived. Legal gambling in its traditional form began to emerge in the 20th century, with lotteries and horse racing taking center stage.

Provincial and national lotteries remain a widespread form of entertainment in Canada, offering a chance at life-changing jackpots. Casino gambling, whether at lavish resorts in Niagara Falls or on digital platforms, provides a diverse array of games for enthusiasts. The newly legalized single-event sports betting adds another layer of excitement for sports fans nationwide.

The country's annual gambling revenue is around $14 billion, with contributions from lotteries, casinos, and the expanding sports betting market. The recent rise of online gambling platforms has further increased the country’s penchant for games of chance. 

5. Australia

Gross Gambling Revenue (2023) – $10.9 Billion 

Australia, a continent known for its vast landscapes and unique wildlife, also boasts a thriving gambling market that dates back to the colonial era. Horse racing emerged as an early favorite, and by the late 19th century, bookmakers and tote operators were a common sight. Lotteries also gained popularity, contributing to the nation's gambling culture.

Popular forms of gambling in Australia mirror the country's diverse interests. Horse racing remains a national passion, with events like the Melbourne Cup being a national favorite. The iconic "pokies," or slot machines found in pubs and clubs across the country, contribute significantly to the gambling landscape. Sports betting, particularly on Australian rules football and cricket, is a winner with fans. 
Did You Know? Australia has the highest gambling losses per person at around $1200 per year.

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