Top 20 Most Luxurious Casinos in the World

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Casinos are some of the most luxurious places in the world. They have some of the most beautiful and lavish décor you can buy with money and some of the best customer service with the most exciting games you can imagine.

Of course, all this decadence comes with a hefty price. But what are the most luxurious, exclusive, and beautiful casinos in the world? And what makes them so amazing?

In this article, we collected 20 of the most luxurious casinos in the world. We will expand upon their incredible qualities and take a look at why they are considered elite.

20. The Casino Barriere Le Croisette

Located in Cannes, the Casino Barriere Le Croisette is one of the most luxurious casinos in France. With a colorful and modern facade and a classy, dignified interior, the Barriere Le Croisette offers over 220 state-of-the-art slots, digital roulette tables, and other modern iterations of classic casino games. Facing the famed Big Blue, it is the biggest casino on the French Riviera with its 3000 m² area. Apart from the games, the casino also offers a top-notch dining experience.

19. Hard Rock Casino, Atlantic City

The Hard Rock Casino is famous for a reason. Located in the gambling town of Atlantic City, the casino itself soars high on the skyline. The expansive inside houses over 2,300 slots and 120 tables full of excitement and fun. Apart from the casino floor, the Hard Rock is famed for its hotel and entertainment as well, with the best comedians and musical acts frequenting the stages.

18. Casino de Monte-Carlo

As if Monaco in itself was not luxurious enough, the Casino de Monte-Carlo elevates the experience to a whole new level. The premises are so decadent that you can’t even get in without dressing properly. The incredible building (built in 1865) offers one of the more historic experiences you can get in a casino while maintaining a modern, bohemian European atmosphere you could only find in Monaco.

17. The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

The elegant Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is the place to go if you want to enjoy a luxurious night at a casino in Germany. Located in the resort town of Baden-Baden, the Kurhaus offers ball nights, has an incredible restaurant, and, of course, a casino floor that can rival any other in the world.

16. The Bellagio

The first Las Vegas casino in the list, the Bellagio certainly won’t be the last to appear. Offering a small piece of the Mediterranean in the middle of Nevada, the Bellagio is everything you can expect from Las Vegas. As with any respectable establishment, the building also houses an art gallery, a conservatory, concert venues, and a dining experience to die for. 

15. City of Dreams

Even in the humongous country of China, the City of Dreams in Macau manages to stand out. The accurately named entertainment complex has an ultramodern yet classical casino floor. The dreams begin with a vast array of games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, and sic bo, a casino game popular in Macau for an authentic experience.

14. Park Hyatt Mendoza Casino

The Argentinian city of Mendoza might seem unassuming, but the Park Hyatt manages to provide one of the best casino experiences you can dream of. The casino attached to a 5-star hotel might seem small, with only 18 gaming tables, but it actually only adds to the feeling of exclusivity. Other than that, there are many top-quality, modern slot machines and spinning wheels. 

13. The Venetian

With another big Las Vegas hitter, the Venetian stands out even amongst the fierce local competition. The luxurious casino is famed for its wide array of slots and virtual games, but everything a casino can offer is found in the Venetian at the utmost quality. The Italian-inspired interior exudes this “carpe diem” feeling that can intoxicate anyone throughout a stay there.

12. Caesars Palace

One of the most enigmatic buildings on the Las Vegas skyline, the Caesars, didn’t have its reputation by accident. The incredible Roman Empire-themed complex houses one of the most unique and stylized casinos you can ever go to. But it doesn’t just work because of its gimmick, as the 185 tables, 1324 slots, 18 screens, and the incredible service are nigh unmatched both in quality and quantity. 

11. Sun City

Opened in 1979 in the northwest of South Africa, The Sun City immediately became the most luxurious casino in all of Africa. With hundreds of slots and a few dozen tables, the casino vibrates a playful and energetic atmosphere typical of African entertainment while still offering the classical casino experience. This makes the Sun City not only incredibly lavish but also a fun spin on the concept of casinos. 

10. The Wynn

The Wynn is the next Las Vegas venue on the list, and in typical Las Vegas fashion, it does not disappoint. The luxurious entertainment and hotel complex naturally has an equally decadent casino with gigantic screens for sports betting, beautiful rooms for card games, and the best slot games you can find. The casino’s poker scene is so famed that it regularly houses WPT World Championship tournaments.

9. Marina Bay Sands

The imposing triple towers of Marina Bay Sands provide a facade that is aptly matched by its interior. The Singapore-based resort is the most luxurious venue Asia can offer, with the huge complex housing an incredibly wide array of games with the best service and most action money can buy. Apart from the casino, everything else Marina Bay Sands offers is top-notch, with its hotel, restaurants, and concert venues hosting acts like Taylor Swift.

8. Maxim’s

Maxim’s in London is the essential British casino experience. The venue is famed for its incredibly polite staff and food to die for and offers a uniquely dignified casino experience. While most grand establishments can seem to be ruled by chaos, Maxim’s atmosphere is calm, soothing, and relaxing while still managing to be just as exciting as the best of the best.

7. The Star

Sydney’s The Star is probably the most luxurious you can get in Australia. The ultramodern resort can be spotted from miles away with its colorful strobe lights crisscrossing the night sky. The multicultural environment offers the best games and foods around the world, with especially exciting tournaments and items from the greatest cuisines.

6. The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan

Based in the capital city of Puerto Rico, the Ritz-Carlton of San Juan has the best casino in all of the Caribbean. The incredible offering of games is all par for the course at this level. What sets the Ritz-Carlton apart from its competition is the incredible customer service. From top to bottom, every employee’s goal is to make you feel as welcome and for you to have as much fun as possible.

5. Resorts World Sentosa

The other giant of Singapore, Resorts World Sentosa, certainly does not fall off when it comes to luxury. With a dignified atmosphere enhanced by the strict dress code, patrons will surely feel like they are the protagonists in a Hollywood movie. The casino is open all day, every day, which makes sure that its offering of Asian casino games never ceases to entertain its guests.

4. Casino de Ibiza

When people think of Ibiza, endless and unadulterated partying comes to mind. As such, it is only natural that the Spanish island also has one of the greatest casinos in the world. The Casino de Ibiza blends the classical high-end casino experience with a Spanish tang that you have to live through at least once if you are a gaming enthusiast.

3. Hippodrome Casino

If you are ever in London and you want to go to a casino, the Hippodrome is a no-brainer. The incredible establishment not only houses one of the best casinos you can find but is an overall entertainment powerhouse. Even if you don’t like casinos, the Hippodrome offers a wide array of acts and programs, such as a live Magic Mike show.

2. Aria Campus

Being the most expensive casino in the world, Aria Campus has a lot to live up to, and it does with stellar colors. The 1.7 million square meter complex situated on the Vegas strip is essentially a city itself, except it eradicates the dullness of everyday life and only keeps the most high-octane of moments. The casino of Aria Campus is a quintessential stop for any visitors of Las Vegas, if for nothing else, for the unique decadence and wonder of the place. 

1. MGM Grand

And finally, the casino of casinos, the MGM Grand, is synonymous with Las Vegas. Being the best casino in the best gambling city of the world is no little feet, and yet, the MGM Grand soars above the bar. The gigantic complex’s gaming area offers games of such high quality and variety that people have had lifetime experiences there every day since its opening in 1993. If you want to have a great casino experience, you can go to any of the venues on the list, but if you can only go to one place, the MGM Grand has everything you could wish for.

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