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Mastering poker is no cakewalk, but that doesn’t mean you throw in the towel. After all, you’re here, and that means you’re ready for the challenge. Consider yourself fortunate to be learning poker today. A period when technology has made the learning process a lot easier.

Gone are the days when you had to stack up on books, possibly collecting dust on your shelf. While books still have their place in poker education, you won’t need more than five — unless you’re a die-hard book lover and want to study the game in-depth.

Why hassle through all that when we’ve got some stellar apps to make your poker learning a breeze? Of course, there are bad apps out there, and downloading each of them to fish them out is another game on its own. That’s precisely why this list was curated for you.

These apps have been put through the paces. They come equipped with features to turbocharge your poker learning experience. From interactive tutorials to lifelike simulations, all in a risk-free environment. Rest assured, these are the cream of the crop. Just pick the one that suits your needs, and you are good to go. Get into it.

#1. WSOP App

This poker learning app comes from a big name. This app has been around since the early days of poker learning apps. 

The WSOP app prides itself on a user-friendly interface and offers very interactive gameplay. Ample of free chips are available to you, and you get the opportunity to virtually tour the world to enjoy your poker game. 

Although the app primarily focuses on Texas Hold’em there’s a variety of free game modes within that category, don’t worry this is a good place for you to start. The app also provides daily quests that can earn you sponsorships and rewards, you name it! The app is available 24/7 for Android, web and iOS. You are in for a smooth and rewarding ride with the WSOP app.

#2. SnapShove

This is a must-have app on your phone as a poker player. It comes with a shove range calculator and training features! This one is from Max Silver, a $5 million+ winning pro poker player. SnapShove has over 54,000 users and is used by both beginners and the world’s best.

You know a pro that has used the app. Common, it is Max, and he made the app. Another pro is Dominik Nitsche, who has over $3 million in winnings. Again, whether you are a pro or a beginner, the app does not care.

All it cares about is making sure you reach your learning or any other goal. SnapShove is your key to flawless decisions in Texas Hold’em.

SnapShove gives instant answers for real-time poker moves. You’re going to get to play it the pro way. The app is user-friendly for on-the-go use and is your companion at the poker table or anywhere else. Training mode gives you a good number of questions to rack your head and answer. Ranges on SnapShove are calculated based on 1,000,000 different game simulations.

Maybe you are a rich kid and want to spray some cash to get more “good stuff”, SnapShove Pro brings precision and more options for you. With Call mode, decide when to go all-in or fold. No ads, no wait times, full offline access, and a customisable display — SnapShove Pro takes your poker experience to new heights.

The crazily good app is available for Android, web, and iOS. No matter your skill level, SnapShove is your buddy to crush short-stack poker. You will get the edge to dominate the tables.

#3. Governor of Poker 3 (GoP3)

GoP3 is a popular platform for learning and playing poker. If you are someone who loves multiplayer video games such as Stampede: Racing Royale and others, Governor of Poker 3 will relate with you greatly because of the similar experience it offers.

You can challenge thousands of actual poker players from every corner of the earth. Don’t jump yet; that is only the tip of the iceberg. If you wish to explore diverse poker formats, GoP3 comes with them. They include cash games, Royal poker, Sit & Go tournaments, Big Win, and Push or Fold.

To get learning and conquering, missions and achievements are always waiting for you. And you are rewarded with prizes, including badges and trophies you can screenshot and flaunt with your friends if you are that kind of person. Worried about chips? You can earn them for free every 4 hours. 

The social features of GoP3 are on an entirely different level. Connect with new friends and bring them to your poker table. You can also share your generosity by sending them free chip gifts. Where the social features get better is the addition of animated emojis.

Use them to hoax and taunt players. It will be done to you as well, do not forget. “What goes around, comes around.” The app is available on the Web, on their official website, Steam (PC), Windows PC, iOS, and Android, and GoP3 accepts crossplay across these platforms. Unrelated, but you can also play blackjack on GoP3.

#4. Zynga Poker

Another powerful poker learning app is Zynga Poker. The main thing about this one is the opportunity to go a step further in competing to learn. It uses its Zynga Poker League (ZPL) for this. This is a new way to compete. You get to compete with players who are at your skill level or your friends.

Sure your ego might be telling you that they are not your class, ignore it and enjoy the game. You’ll find yourself in a group of up to 99 players, and your ranking is determined by the total number of chips you’ve won. The game looks so real and interactive, and this will make you get familiar with the real thing easily. 

Zynga Poker provides lots of game guides that can help you understand the game more effectively. When you feel you’re prepared to play, you get a generous 60,000 free chips to kick things off. Additionally, you can score a daily bonus of up to $45,000,000 in chips.

You can try things out with Tournaments, Cash Games, Weekly Fast Cash Events, Weekly Jackpots, etc. Your prizes could be waiting for you. The app is available for Android, the Web and iOS.

At the end of the road

I hope you absorb the valuable information you’ve just received and make sure you use it wisely. You must now have a good idea of the perfect poker learning app for you. As you are enjoying your learning journey, do not fail to remember that most of these apps do not offer real-money gambling.

You should not be having “gambling” in your mind right now; advance first. Also, what you practice on these apps and your success in them does not imply future success at real money gambling. Know what you are doing.

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