20 Best Poker Books to Improve Your Game

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For many years, well-experienced poker players have written many books, and their experiences have been penned down for others to learn. Some books are written for advanced players, others for intermediate players, and the rest for beginners. However, finding the best poker books for the different levels of poker players or poker enthusiasts has always been a hard nut to crack. The question will always be, how do I know the best poker books? The best books sell well on Amazon. This article will discuss the best poker books based on Amazon's Best Seller Rank. 

20 Best Poker Books 

1. Modern Poker Theory (Based on GTO Principle)

Modern Poker Theory: Building an Unbeatable Strategy Based on GTO Principles is one of the newest books on poker, but despite being published in just 2019, it has done better than many books before it. Michael Acevedo writes this 480-page book, one of the best for all poker players who want to make it big.

The book focused on an in-depth understanding of what is meant by the game theory of optimal play and the way it applies when playing poker games. Before you read this book, you should have basic knowledge of the poker game, as it will help you understand the book.

2. Essential Poker Math

If you want to see poker from someone who has lived it, reading Essential Poker Maths by Alton Hardin is a must. Math can be problematic for most, but don't let that scare you as this book took a step-by-step approach to explain No-Limit Hold’em arithmetics, and you don't need to understand complex mathematics to understand this book.

This book is a good read for beginners. It was published in 2016 and has 277 pages.

3. Doyle Brunson's Super System 

Published in 2002 by one of poker’s legends, Doyle Brunson shows in his book why he is truly a legend. The two-time world champion explained the right time to call, bet, raise, and fold in poker games. Knowing how to do these four things is important for every poker player, and Doyle explained it in his book on a platter of gold. 

To make this book a masterpiece and legendary, he collaborated with other world-class poker players like Mike Caro, Bobby Baldwin, David Sklanky, and many more. The book contains 605 whopping pages, but if you have the heart to read all that is contained in it, you will see that it is worth it.

4. The Theory of Poker 

The Theory of Poker by David Slansky discusses various aspects of poker, like lowball draw, Hold’em, razz, etc. The book was first published in 1994 and is one of the best poker books ever. One reason why you need to read this book for your poker advancement is because of the author.

He is a well-known consultant in the poker industry, and it is cheaper to buy his book and read it than to consult him in person. Because of his experience, many big casinos and players consult him when making certain decisions. Slansky has penned down his knowledge in this book, which is a steal for those who buy it. 

5. Harrington on Hold’em

You can not discuss this book without discussing the Author, Dan Harrington. As a poker player, Harrington has won it all. So, when people like this talk, every aspiring professional poker player needs to stand at ease. Harrington showed his unconventional strategies in some of his Hold ’em finals.

Today, he is one of the best poker players in Hold’em. What a better person to learn from. Unsurprisingly, his book Harrington on Hold’em, published in 2006, is one of the best poker books.

6. The Mental Game of Poker

Poker is more of a mental game, and Jared Tendler expounds on improving your confidence and motivation while playing.  Every poker player wants to hide their expression and, at the safe time, read their opponent's expression. Reading this book would help you achieve that with less stress and less guessing.

The Mental Game of Poker was published in 2011. In addition, reading this book helps you control your fears during a big poker tournament. 

7. Kill Everyone 

The first thing that excites most poker players about this book is the title “Kill Everyone.” That is one of the main aims of most post-poker players, and they don't mean it literally. Every poker player wants to be invincible when dealing with their opponent. This book will help you win most of your opponents.

It was first published in 2000, and the latest edition comes with an upgrade of up-to-date strategies from the hostess tournaments. 

8. Ace on the River

Ace on the River is an advanced poker book for professionals and aspiring professionals. Ace on the River was published in 2005. Reading this book will change your mentality about how to play poker because it talks about end-game strategies that many players don't know. 

9. Hold’em Poker for Advanced Players

We should not judge a book by its cover, but this book is an exception. If you are not an advanced poker player or aspiring to be one, as the name implies, keep off from this book. Poker players know that Texas Hold’em is one of the most difficult poker games, but Mason Malmuth has made the concept of Texas Hold’em easy.

The book was first published in the 1980s, but one of the latest editions was published in 2003 with the addition of new concepts of the came. 

10. Every Hand Revealed

Reading “Every Hand Revealed” by Gus Hansen is like reading the mind of the poker genius himself. As a professional player, Hansen has won the WSOP bracelet, 3 World Poker Tour open titles, and Aussie Millions of 2007. In his 370-page book released in 2008, Hansen poured out his strategies to win such big games.

The best part of this book is that you will know how to call large bets even when your hands seem unplayable. The book by this great poker player is a must-read for poker players.

11. The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King (Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time) 

Michael Craig is the genius who created the book The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King. Craig, in this 288-page book, published in 2006, was able to give real-life examples of some of poker's best tactics. Michael Craig looked at the psyche of professional poker players and shared these examples in his book. 

He tried to give the readers a feel of what it is like to be in big tournaments, and he showed the tactics used by winners. Read this book and thank us later. 

12. Super/System 2: A Course in Power Poker 

Super/System 2: A Course in Power Poker is a must-read for everyone who wants to be a professional poker player because this book combines gladiators in the poker business. The lead author of this book is Doyle Brunson, along with people like Jeniffer Herman, the best female poker player to date, and Johnny Chan, a 9-time WSOP gold bracelet.

Time will not permit us to talk about people like Mike Caro, Lyle Berman, Bobby Baldwin, etc. All contributed to this book. Super/System is the only poker book that has brought together this number of gladiators. All these people talk about almost every aspect of poker. This book is named Poker Library.

13. Winning Low Limit Hold’em

The fundamentals of winning the Texas Hold’em is winning the Low Limit Hold’em. There are several books about the Hold’em game, but this book by Lee Jones concentrated on the fundamentals of the game, which is very important for those who want to master the Texas Hold’em.

The 288-page book has what many poker players are looking for, and it is highly recommended. The book's first edition was published in 1994, but the latest edition came out in 2005. 

14. Hold’em Poker 

This 113-page poker book by David Sklansky reveals top poker secrets that can only be discovered if you read it. The book was first published in 1976 but was updated twenty years later to include today’s double-masked structure.

Although several Hold’em Poker books say similar things, this book stands out because it explains the concept of the first two cards, the importance of position, and semi-bluffing.

15. Decide to Play Great Poker 

Decide to Play Great Poker is a strategy guide to the no-limit Hold 'Em, a poker book published in 2011 and written by Annie Duke and John Vorhaus, and it has 464 pages.

When you ask great poker players how to become great, you will get many answers, which can be frustrating, but in this book, the authors have narrowed down all the variables needed to be a great poker player for easy understanding of all. 

16. Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume One 

Do you want to win poker tournaments? You don't need to answer that; we already know the answer. Winning tournaments is a dream come true for any professional poker player, and this book can help you get there.

Winning Poker Tournaments One Hand at a Time Volume One is a book by Eric Lynch, Jon Turner, and Jon Van Fleet, published in 2016. The giant came together to put together this master class and won several tournaments themselves. They revealed how they made decisions while sitting on poker hot seats, beat the tension, and emerged victorious. 

17. Playing the Player

Published in 2012, Playing The Player by  Ed Miller is the most read. Poker is first not about the card but about the opposite player. Miller explained how you can profile an opponent and get their weakness before you attack. This strategy is what any winner in a poker game uses. Mille’s 232-page book teaches the foundation for understanding your opponent. 

18. Winning Poker Systems 

The book Winning Poker System by Norman Zedah was published in 1974. Forty years later, this book remains relevant to many poker players who want to put on an “A” game in every one of their poker games because of the in-depth deceptive secrets revealed in the book.

One of the book's best parts is the highlight of poker games like high low draw and low ball. This book has 208 pages and is a good read for those who want to advance their playing strategies. 

19 The Body Language of Poker

One of the things most poker players aim for is to be able to predict when their opponent is bluffing. Only a view poker player like Mike Caro has been able to master that art. As a poker theorist, he can reveal deep secrets about poker in his book. The author laid down plane strategies for reading your opponent through body language. 

The best part of this book is that Caro could demonstrate his points using several images. This book was published 30 years ago, but to date, its content is still relevant because the greatest poker weapon is knowing what your opponent is holding. 

20. Poker Essays

As a mathematician, Mason Malmuth made the technical part of poker simple in his book. The poker essay is a compilation of essays by Maimuth over 30 years ago (1991-1996). Some topics discussed in the book include technical and strategic ideas. The compilation was published in 2022.


There are many poker books by great authors, but some are greater than others and are the ones we call the best. In this article, we have shown you the 20 best poker books by mostly people who have lived their lives as poker players. From our list, we have determined that Modern Poker Theory by Michael Acevedo is one of the best poker bestsellers.

This poker book ranked higher than many books on this list. Other books that did well based on our ranking are Essential Poker Math by  Alton Hardin, Doyle Brunson's Super System by Doyle Brunson, and The Theory of Poker by David Slansky. These and other books on this list are the top 20 books recommended for poker players at all levels. 

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