6 Reasons Why Studying Poker Will Make You a Better Player

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Throughout the ages, poker has stood as a social game, connecting players across generations. Yet, people still struggle to become better poker players. It might surprise you, but the real deal is studying — that’s how you up your game. On days you won’t find luck, it is your study that will help you. Oh yes! Poker is something that you can study. People who carefully study poker are more likely to succeed and become better at it than others who stick to one style and luck.

How do you visualize Pro Poker Players? Do you always think luck is by their side? Similar to every other great person, great poker players made themselves to be great. They are not born that way.

How do you think the likes of Bryn Kenney, Justin Bonomo, and others become the top poker players? Dude, it is not luck! All they do is study and learn to become better.

Luck might dance around in the short-term, but in the long haul, it takes a backseat. Relying on luck always will not only leave you behind but also make you cry at home if you are not careful. And this probably isn’t your ideal scenario, isn’t that true? Jump into this post so you will know why you should study poker to become a better player. This post was made for you. Rest your back on your chair and relax. Wait… Does your chair have a seatbelt? Because the reasons might Blow You Away! Haha.

1. You Learn About the Gem Within

Now, here you are. The first stormy reason :). It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your first steps in poker or have been in the game for a while… Studying it can enhance your understanding of most of what there is about the game. It could be getting the hang of the basic rules or the poker lingo, and there are many. You’ll gain insights on how to preserve your chips. You’ll also learn various strategic approaches for playing at different tables. 

A bit of know-how can do you an invaluable good, you know? As you study to become better, you will be surprised to know how much you do not know yet. This continuous journey of discovery is the blessing of poker.

2. You Get Good Judgemental Skills

All the poker books you borrowed from your friends or the PDFs you downloaded online won’t go to waste. Given you read them, though. Did you? 👀 Okay, along the line you become a good judge of your co-players. You will be able to predict the good and bad cards. You know when to play your hand and whether it is worth it. 

You know when to read the strength of your hand and decipher your opponents’ maneuvers. You will become quick to deduce facts from other people, even outside poker. By simply talking to people, you already know much about how they act. This is a bonus pro poker players enjoy, but they won’t tell you.

3. Smart Spending at the Games

When you study and study poker, you will become exposed to a legion of concepts, including the ones that’ll teach you how to manage your money. You would be left questioning yourself, “What kind of poker have I been playing all this while? Jeez!” Among that legion of concepts, “risk vs. reward” is among the top — a real eye-opener. After you have digested it, you will get a superpower. You will be able to weigh the potential return on your bets against the risk involved. It’s a big deal to handle your money right. You’ll develop the knack for setting clear limits and steadily abiding by them. If you decide to set $4,000 aside for poker, for example, you won’t want to go overboard.

As you learn more, different betting strategies will pop up. Studying these strategies can help you greatly. You’d be able to pick the one that aligns perfectly with how much risk you’re comfortable with and your playing style. You will be able to choose the strategy that’s just right for your level. This is not the strategy of Bryn Kenney, who has won over $65 million. You are not that kind of player yet.

And there’s this thing called variance, the ups and downs in your money. Learning poker helps you deal with it so it doesn’t wreck your bankroll. Good bankroll management can stand as the difference between being a profitable player in the long run or going bust. So, keep studying and refining.

4. It Makes You Consistent

Think about it as if you were training for a marathon. If you want to conquer those miles and cross the finish line, you can’t just jog one day. Skip the next, and then pick it up randomly. Success in running, and even in poker, relies on consistency.

Studying poker is your training ground. It’s not about cramming all the strategies in a day and taking a poker hiatus the next. It’s about dedicating a specific time to dismantle everything poker into pieces. No, no, no. Not only that. You have to study the pieces gradually. Maybe one or two a day and stick to that routine.

Just as regularly clocking in those miles to improve your running endurance, a steady commitment to poker studies not only makes you sharper at the game. But also unlocks doors you never thought possible. Because, face it, smart, informed decisions eventually pay off big time at the tables. It’s the rhythm of consistency that paves the way to success, both on the poker table and, yes, on the running track.

5. It Makes You A Good Competitor

No, the goal of this section is not to give approval to unhealthy competition. Nonetheless, being a poker player naturally involves facing off with your co-players at the table. As you study poker, you learn to be a formidable competitor when playing. 

You wouldn’t see yourself less on the bad days because you already know you are a better player. And what do better players do? They know a good angle to kick the ass of their opponents and keep them off balance.

6. You Become Disciplined

One of the bad habits that many poker players have is not knowing when to quit. You know, poker can be addictive. And it is not the only activity you can have on your plate or do. 

Studying poker allows you to manage yourself well. You know when to sit and play without worrying about other stuff. And you also know when to take it off your head because you have got to do other important things.

The sweet part of discipline in poker is that you start to see yourself as a professional. And see reasons why you should treat yourself as one.

Remember when your crush was coming over? That year, you were luckily brushing up your cooking prowess. You disciplined yourself while at it. You had begun to view yourself more as a chef. That was why you confidently jumped into the kitchen. That same vibe happens in poker. The only difference is that you are not trying to impress your crush here.

At the end of the road

Poker has forever been and will continue to be a headache. However, this doesn’t stop you from becoming better at it. You just need to study the thing. Frame your mind to do it with dedication and focus. Study at least 20% of the time you dedicate to it. Learn from other better players, and don’t forget to learn from your mistakes, too. This is important.

Again, sometimes luck will be by your side, but you do not want to build your poker life on a “lucky” foundation. And you do not want to be a one-time better player. You should always be a “better player” and eventually become the best at every table you sit to play.

Stick around for more tips. See ya later!

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