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Suppose you ask any stranger who doesn’t even go to casinos which city is the best for gambling. There is a high chance most of them will say Las Vegas. To no one’s surprise, Las Vegas has been the global symbol of casinos and gambling ever since they set up their first-ever casino.

Nothing quite matches the glamour and thrill of a casino, and nothing can even remotely come close if you are on your win spree. This is mainly why casino gambling remains an unrivaled entertainment industry.

Now, casinos can be found worldwide, but a fair assumption is that not all countries and cities have casinos with good reputations or popularity. At best, most people have only heard of Las Vegas, and that is about it. Nevertheless, there is a question: does Las Vegas even rank in the top ten? If yes, then where does it stand?

This article will list down the top 10 best gambling cities you can travel to worldwide to have an unmatched gambling experience.

Ranking the Top 10 Best Gambling Cities

Gambling is one of the biggest money-making industries and remains at the top of the competition. Statistics reveal that the casino market generates hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

Understanding the top best gambling cities is a step towards knowing where all the revenue is coming from. This also signifies that a particular city is quite popular for gambling.

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Yes, Las Vegas remains at the top as the #1 best gambling city worldwide. It’s not just this list; anywhere you may look up, you will find Vegas ranked at the top. The casino count may vary depending on your source. This is because a casino is defined as a venue that houses well over 15 gambling machines. Based on that, Las Vegas has around 150 casinos.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague follows Las Vegas as a runner-up in this list of best gambling cities mainly due to its renowned nightlife, which is deeply intertwined with the casinos. Prague houses over twenty casinos, which are far superior when put into competition with others.

3. London, UK

Shortly after Prague, London, the capital city of the UK, also houses well over 20 casinos that are made to be addictive. Whether you are a gambler with pots of gold or just an occasional player, London has a variety that will be compatible with your gambling style.

4. Macao, China

According to statistical data from 2022, 30 casinos in Macao alone generate an annual revenue of 5.3B USD. Even though this city is #4 on the list, it is often regarded as the Las Vegas of Asia. In addition, Macao houses 7 of the world’s 20 biggest casinos.

5. Barcelona, Spain

Fifth on the list is Barcelona, which many might not be familiar with. However, it is home to 28 casinos. Barcelona itself is already a beautiful city, and to keep on par with its standards, the service offered by the casinos makes it every avid gambler's dream destination at least once in a lifetime.

6. Paradise Island and Nassau, Bahamas

It’s always sunny and rejuvenating in the Bahamas, and the casinos are made to best represent Paradise Island and Nassau. Baha Mar Casino and Atlantis Casino are among the world’s biggest casinos, housing over 700 slot machines and nearly a hundred tables.

7. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has 16 casinos, out of which 4 are still under construction and expected to open permanently by 2026. Compared to the other cities in the list, this number is still not as big, but Chicago has both land and cruising casinos, among other types. Ultimately, this makes Chicago a city that delivers a unique gambling experience.

8. Reno, Nevada

Neighboring Las Vegas, Reno is a diamond in the dirt that only enthusiastic gamblers are aware of. If you haven’t heard of Reno before, it also has the nickname of being the biggest little city. To its rightful boast, Reno houses more than 20 casinos that are not only for the gamblers but also add the effect of making Reno appear as one of the big ones. Overall, Reno might arguably be ranked as #2 on the list of biggest gambling cities, but that is, as mentioned, only an effect.

9. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a worldwide praised city for many of its wonders, such as the Sydney Opera House (which is not gambling-associated in any way). In terms of numbers, Sydney has 10 casinos that boast their beautiful architecture one after another. There are multiple services involved for locals and tourists to accommodate their valuable gamblers.

10. Atlantic City, New Jersey

Finally, Atlantic City may only be home to 9 casinos, but they are all globally renowned. You might be familiar with the names, such as Ocean Casino Resort, Trump’s Marina, and Atlantic City Hilton. These are just 3 out of the 9 that generate billions of revenue annually from both local and foreign gamblers, and all carry a positive rating.


Learning about the top 10 best gambling cities worldwide has a lot more to do than just rank the cities. Based on the revenue generated by the cities from their casinos, you can do a rough estimate of how popular and frequently visited their casinos are. In addition, it also gives you a general overview of the involvement of the general public in the gambling industry.

The list contains the best gambling cities ranked based on their popularity derived from statistical data, and Las Vegas retains its throne as the #1.

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