Debunking the 10 Biggest Gambling Myths

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A lot of people hold certain beliefs about gambling, and most of them are not close to the truth. How do they come to believe this? It is mysterious to many people. The thing is that these beliefs do not just end there; they spread these false claims and get other people to believe this myth with them.

This myth ranges from having a lucky number to playing slot games at certain times. The list of myths is endless, and now and then, new ones start coming up, and we wonder from where. In this article, we will share 10 gambling myths you need to be watchful of. 

10 Biggest Gambling Myths

1. You Can Not Get Addicted To Gambling 

A lot of people don't believe you can be addicted to gambling. They see constant gambling as more compulsion instead of addiction. However, this is a myth that has caused more harm than good, and it is what most addicts tell themselves to justify their addictions, which is, of course, in line with most addicts.

In an article published in 2013 in Science America titled “How the Brain Get Addicted To Gambling,” they clearly showed that one can be addicted to gambling and used the real-life story of Shirley to explain how one can be addicted to gambling. 

2. Slot Machines Are Cold Or Hot

Most gamblers believe that the slot machine can be hot or cold. When a slot machine is hot, the chances of getting a high win are high, and they know that a machine is hot when one or two people win within a certain period. The period ranges from person to person. Then, a slot machine is cold if no one has won on the slot machine for a certain period. 

However, professionals on how slot machines work have started that every time you push or pull a slot machine, your chances of winning are 50-50, i.e., your chances of winning are the same

3. Gambling Can Only Be Luck

Many people believe gambling is mostly about luck; otherwise, why will some people and others not win? We must agree that this myth has some atom of truth because in certain instances, like using the slot machine to gamble, your odds are not certain. Therefore, you depend on the luck.

But if you are playing poker or blackjack with a professional gambler and are inexperienced in those games, we are still thinking about how much luck can help you win. That luck must be out of this world. The best way to put this is that you require certain gambling skills to earn certain luck. 

4. You Will Not Be Paid In Online Casino If You Win

Certainly, there are times when an online casino will not pay you, but it must be for two reasons. The first will be if the online casino is fake, which is why some people believe this myth; some have defrauded them. The second reason will be if you don't follow certain terms and conditions, which may include being up to the age of 18 years, using your credit card, or not having more than one account. 

These are the only conditions an online casino will hold your money under. If you meet all the requirements and the casino is legal, you must be paid if you win. No casino will risk losing their license or having bad publicity over nonpayment of wins.

5. Dealers Can Adjust the Game To Prevent Winning

Many people believe this myth, and many times, those who make this myth more and more popular are those who are constant losers. Ask yourself these questions: why will a dealer adjust the game when, whether you win or lose, the house makes money? Why will a casino risk its license or get bad publicity if its dealer is caught adjusting the game?

The casino has a standing rule that dealers must be changed after 20 minutes, and one of the reasons for that is to prevent players from thinking that certain dealers don't like them, hence the reason for adjusting the games to prevent winning, which doesn't happen it the first place. 

6. The More You Increase Your Bet, The More Your Chance Of Winning 

We still do not know why this does not sound absurd in the ears of people who say this. When you lose and increase your bet, your chances of winning or losing remain as before. You can win several times in a roll, lose several times in a roll, or win and lose in between. It is possible to throw a coin and get a head each time. You lose more money as you hope to increase your winnings.   

7. When You Have A Feeling You Will Win, You Will Win

Medium is one of the sites that have made this myth very popular in their 2023 “12 Sure Signs You’re Going to Win the Lottery,” they listed in outline two that gut feelings show you are about to win a lottery.

But they didn't provide any scientific reason behind their claim. Also, how can they explain having a feeling about something and the think never come to pass? Most times, gamblers feel they will win, hence why they leave their house to the casinos, but how many of their feelings manifest? 

8. The Longer You Gamble Using A Particular Slot Machine, The More Likely Your Chance Of Winning

Some people believe in using a certain machine when you have a long strike of loss. It will exhaust all it lost and start giving winning, which is very funny. The odds are always the same, no matter how often you use the same machine. You may win in the long run, but your odds remain unchanged.

9. Casino Games Are Rigged

When you hear someone say this, the chances they have lost are high. While it is true that the house always wins, that does not mean they rig the game to win. It means for every game you play, they have a 15% return to player percentage. This percentage may be more or less in some places. 

Rigging will be if the house doesn't follow the roles they set for each game and all casino rules are spelled out. Do you see them breaking any? In addition, regulatory bodies always follow up to check if these rules are followed. As we said, casinos understand the risk if such a thing occurs. 

10.  You Are Due To Win If You Have Not Won For A Long Time

The question we would like to ask is how long do you lose for you to be due for a win? Due Win is another myth if you can tell the number of times you will need to lose to know when you are due.

If we can tell we are due to win, we can just bet a small account on those times, and we will lose then bet a huge amount when we are due to win. You can not tell the hour, day, period, or month you can win. 

Final Thoughts

There are many myths concerning gambling, and a lot of times, believing those myths have caused more harm than good.  The most common myths on this list relate to ways we can change our odds of winning. But the truth is that your chances of winning a lottery are always the same as your chances of losing.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And very importantly, gambling can be addictive, so  If you want to gamble, gamble knowing what you are into. 

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