7 Best Poker Cards Brands

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The beauty of poker lies in its simplicity. You just require a pack of cards and some chips. Technically, any pack will do. But most people prefer premium cards. These will feel better in your hands, making you feel like you are in a casino.

Finding a pack of poker cards won’t be hard. The problem is that this includes plenty of low-quality cards. Because of this, you should be selective about the type of brand you use. Let’s look at some standout poker card makers. 

Qualities Of Good Poker Cards

Buying poker cards can be tough. On the surface, all cards look similar. But there are a few qualities that a high-quality pack should possess. Start by looking at what the pack is made from. Cards can come in paper and cardboard. But you want something that is made from plastic.

This will be harder to fold or rip. This isn’t just about keeping your cards in good condition. Unscrupulous players might try to leave distinctive marks on the cards, like a small tear in the corner. They then memorize these markings to figure out what cards their fellow players are holding.

There are other benefits as well. If you use plastic cards, you don’t need to worry if someone spills their drinks or marks the cards. You can just wipe them down. 

You should also look at the thickness of the cards. The thicker a card is, the more likely it is to stick in the deck, which makes it harder to deal with. But being too thin makes the cards slippery, making them difficult to handle. 

Next, think about the number of cards you want. Most options will need a pack with 52 cards. This will suit most poker varieties. However, some people prefer a 54-card deck, which contains an extra two jokers. 

Don’t forget about the card design. Technically, this won’t have any impact on the playing experience. But a cool card design can be a great conversation starter. Also, older players might prefer a jumbo card, which will be easier to see. 

The good news is that you don’t need to spend an exorbitant fee on your playing cards. A quality pack of cards should cost between $5 to $20. I know this sounds a bit expensive, especially when you can get cheap cards for less than a dollar. But a high-quality pack is designed to last for years. Plus, you can always have a few cheaper packs around. These are ideal for practicing skills like learning to shuffle, as you don’t need to worry about damaging the cards. 

1. KEM

KEM is one of the trusted poker card manufacturers, with their products used by casinos throughout Vegas. Professional players are attracted to KEM cards for several reasons. First, they are thin enough to shuffle and deal easily without sliding around too much during the game.

More importantly, they will be able to survive in the brutal casino conditions. They are difficult to tear and bend. Plus, you can always wipe them down if they get too grimy. There is just one downside. These cards can be expensive. Packs might cost more than $50. 

2. Copag

Copag has built a reputation as a premium card supplier. These cards are used in World Series of Poker (WSOP) events and can be found in lots of Vegas casinos. Because these poker cards are made from plastic, you can easily wipe them down. Plus, they are a little thinner than KEM. This makes them a little slipperier, so shuffling is easier. 

3. Faded Spade

Faded Spade cards are favored by professionals and are widely used in casinos. They are also used during World Poker Tour (WPT) events. Like the other options on this list, these poker cards are coated in plastic, making them highly durable. But they are a little thick, making them harder to shuffle than Copag and KEM. If you prefer, they also offer paper cards. 

4. Modiano

If you want a durable card pack, this might be your best bet. These cards are known for being thicker than most other professional-grade options. This makes them more durable and harder to tear. But it can make them harder to shuffle and deal with.

However, you should get used to the added weight after a few rounds. Interestingly, these cards are lightly textured. This makes them more comfortable to hold. 

5. Bicycle

The professional-grade poker cards are luxurious. But they are also expensive. Those on a tight budget should check out Bicycle cards. These have a long history, with the company starting in 1885. Players are also drawn to the lightweight feel, which makes them easy to shuffle. The only problem is that these cards are made from paper. But they should last for a long time, as long as you don’t get them wet.

The basic pack is relatively cheap, often costing just a few dollars. If you have a little more to spend, they have plenty of stylish packs, like collaborations with Disney and World of Warcraft. These unique card designs can help your poker night stand out. 

6. Maverick

Another budget-conscious option is Maverick. You can pick up 12 packs for around $12. Despite their low price, these cards are relatively high quality. They are plastic coated, which limits bending and makes them easy to clean.

Though they might not last as long as premium cards, like KEM, they will be able to handle dozens of poker games. Maverick also has a range of sizes to choose from, like jumbo cards for older players. Even better, these cards are made in the US. 

7. Theory 11

If you are looking for quality cards that double as conversation starters, Theory 11 might be the right choice for you. Like many of the other cards on the list, they are made from plastic, so they are durable and easy to handle.

However, what sets these cards apart are the designs, which feature stunning embosses on the back. There are dozens of pop culture brands to choose from. But they are a little expensive. 


Plenty of brands combine quality finishes with beautiful pack designs. Plus, they'll have the perfect texture and thickness to make dealing a cinch. Most importantly, though, you can re-create the thrill of playing in a casino. 

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