8 Reasons Why Rakeback Is Important

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Poker players have a plethora of poker sites and casinos to choose from. Each is trying to create the best playing experience in a bid to attract players. There are plenty of tactics they can use. They might get comfy decor, offer players free drinks, allow you to invite your friends to the site, or run promotions. Whatever gets players into the poker room. 

But getting players in the door isn’t enough. They need to give you a reason to keep going back. The casino gets a percentage of the pot. This is called the rake. It’s how they make money from poker players. The more you bet, the more they earn. 

To keep players at a table, it’s common to implement a rakeback. This is akin to a loyalty program. The more you wager, the more you’ll earn. This often means getting a percentage of the rake returned to you. If you like to spend hours at the poker table, this can prove to be a lucrative program. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you shouldn’t overlook the rakeback. 

1. You Can Boost Your Winnings

Even if you win, you’ll get a rakeback. This can present a lucrative opportunity for skilled players. At the end of the game, you’ll get to keep the chips that you won. Plus, you’ll be walking away with your rakeback, amplifying your winnings. The best part, though, is that it doesn’t require you to take any additional risk.  

2. Get Compensated For Your Losses

Of course, not everyone can be a skilled poker player. Even the pros have large losing streaks. When you first start playing, you are going to lose your money. Thankfully, the rakeback is calculated based on the money you spent at the table, not the amount of money you made. Because of this, you can get something back after a losing night. 

This isn’t just important for beginner players. Even professionals can have bad sessions. Getting rakeback gives you something to fall back on. This can help reduce your variability over the long term. 

3. Get A Wide Range Of Rewards

Calculating casino rakebacks can be a little tricky. Most casinos tend to follow the same principle. The more hands you play, the more money you can get back. However, each casino has a different way of implementing this. For example, some might have rakeback ranks. Beginners start off with a lower rakeback. But as you spend more time in their poker room, you gain ranks. The higher your ranking becomes, the more rakeback you will receive. 

Another common difference is how the rakeback is paid. Sometimes, you will have dollars added to your bankroll. This is common in online poker rooms. At other times, you might be given comps in a real-world casino. Technically, these aren’t ratebacks, as they aren’t given as a percentage of the pot. Instead, they are based on how long you play for. But they can still be good programs, which can give you lucrative kickbacks if you play long enough.

To get the most benefit out of the rakeback system, you need to consider which approach will work best for you. For example, points-based rakebacks can be good if you are on holiday, while dollar-based rakebacks are best for regular play.

4. Rakebacks Work In Conjunction With Bonuses

Rakebacks aren’t the only way casinos attract and retain players. They might also offer bonuses or run promotions. Ratebacks aren’t intended to replace these incentives. Often, they work alongside them, giving you even more ways to earn from playing in a casino. Sometimes, you might even find an offer that boosts the rakebacks you will earn. 

5. Earn Rewards For Being Loyal

If you are only going to be playing in the casino for a few hours, you likely won’t play enough hands to receive the full benefit of their rakeback scheme. These programs are designed to give the most benefit to long-term players. It can often take hundreds of hands to reach a reasonable-sized rakeback. This is perfect if you fall in love with a poker room and want to spend hours playing there. 

6. Make Playing Poker Less Expensive

As we mentioned, when you play poker, the casino takes a cut of the pot. Usually, this is fairly low. It can start at around two and a half percent, though some casinos can take as much as ten percent. The longer you play, the more you’ll lose in rake fees. Of course, the house will always come out on top. But, over time, the rakeback will reduce the amount that you have given to the casino. 

7. Can Get Players Looser

Getting a rakeback is nice, but it shouldn’t change the way you play. Of course, that isn’t always the case. Some players can get focused on the rakeback they can earn. This encourages them to bet big, even if they have a loose hand. This kind of loose play can present a valuable opportunity to a skilled player. By remaining disciplined, you will be able to boost your winnings.  

8. Encourages Player Progression

When you first start playing poker, it’s best to stick to low-stake games. The lower the stakes, the less money you can lose during each session. More importantly, though, these games tend to be weaker, with players at your skill level. 

As you get better, you can progress to higher stakes tables. By placing more money at risk, you can increase the amount you stand to win. But there is another benefit. Rakebacks are based on a percentage of what you bet. As you start to play with more money, your rakebacks will grow. This structure should give you extra motivation to dedicate more time and money to learning how to play poker profitably.  


Choosing the right poker room is tough. You’ll need to take dozens of factors into consideration. But you shouldn’t overlook the value of a generous rakeback program. Getting a good rakeback can end up putting hundreds of dollars in your pocket each year. That’s on top of any winnings you’ll receive. 

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