Is Online Blackjack Rigged? No, Here Is Why

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There are rumors that casinos cheat on the regular, and they will always find a way to trick you out of your money. Although these allegations aren’t true, it is definitely the case that the odds are always stacked massively in favor of the house. Whether it be roulette, slots, or beloved card games like blackjack, the system is carefully constructed so the business wouldn’t lose on it.

So, while land-based casinos do not cheat, there is a much more plausible argument about online platforms doing so, at least at first glance. It is much easier to program an algorithm that would deal unfavorable hands to blackjack players on the internet than to fool the patrons on the spot with clever tricks and sleight of hand. But is online blackjack really rigged?

In this article, we explore the possibility of whether online blackjacks cheat, why we might feel that way, and how to spot these cheating behaviors to avoid them in the future.

Is Online Blackjack Rigged?

The short and slightly simplified answer is no, online blackjack isn’t rigged. The longer answer is a bit more complicated. Online casinos operate on the same basis as land-based ones, with the same financial incentive while maintaining a stable and regular patron base. As such, the games work similarly on a virtual platform as in a real-life one. Blackjack is a random chance game with numbers overwhelmingly favoring the house, so the online versions simulate this by applying RNGs (Random Number Generators) to the game.

This means that while we might get an annoying number of bad hands in a row, it doesn’t automatically mean that the online platform is against you. It means that the game of blackjack is naturally against you. Online casinos have no interest in milking every customer dry with cheats, as no one would play them if this was the case. As such, it would be counterintuitive for these businesses to implement cheating in their games.

Is Rigged Online Blackjack Illegal?

Rigging online blackjack is highly illegal in all jurisdictions. Casinos are audited and are under heavy scrutiny by either the government or an independent supervising body to regulate them and make sure that there is no “funny business” going on behind the scenes. Online casinos are no exceptions, as their games are also supervised to ensure fair service (as fair as casinos can get anyway).

Rigging and cheating on blackjack is mostly prevalent in “shady” online casinos. This means they either operate without the necessary permits or have somehow avoided the necessary supervision by the authorities. Regardless of the reason, these casinos are illegal, and therefore, the blackjack games they provide are as well.

Why Does Online Blackjack Seems Rigged?

Online blackjack seems rigged for the same reason many other online casino games seem rigged. As written before, the odds are stacked against the player. While the 42.22% winning chance for the player and 49.1% for the house (with the remainder 8.48% being chances for a draw) seem relatively even, players play multiple hands at a blackjack table in one sitting. This means that statistically, the house has a much higher chance of walking away with the money.

Blackjack is also, in essence, a game of chance. Even with card counting, the best you can do is an educated guess. If you have a bunch of losing hands in a row, it is easy to think that you are being cheated out of your money. Online blackjack is also easily rigged in theory. Removing the human element means that the house does not need to pull off tricks and sleight of hand to fool the player; they can easily implement a cheating algorithm. So, although online blackjack on a legit sight is almost definitely not rigged, it can easily seem like it is.

How To Avoid Rigged Online Blackjack

The easiest way to avoid rigged online blackjack tables is to steer clear of disreputable websites. Gambling at online casinos that have no license is incredibly risky as they have no lawful obligation to have their games operate in a fair manner. Casinos like this have no right to be in business anyway, so there is no good reason to ever deal with places like this.

The best way to make sure that you are playing legitimate blackjack on an online platform is to opt for reputable and audited online casinos. These places are heavily regulated by independent institutions and would not operate if they were cheating at their games. Some of the most reputable online casinos include the following:

  • Super Slots
  • Ignition
  • Caesars
  • DraftKings
  • BetOnline

Keep in mind that while it is unlikely you will be scammed with a game of blackjack (provided you make an informed decision about where to play), it is entirely possible that you might wander off to less reputable sites that may not feel obligated to uphold fair play. You should always be vigilant and confirm the legitimacy of online casinos by reading reviews and getting second opinions.


Online blackjack is generally not rigged, but there might be edge cases. Online casinos operate mostly on the same principles as land-based ones and are regulated by independent bodies of authority. Cheating on blackjack would be a counterintuitive practice for casinos as it would turn away customers from them, while their business model is built upon customer retention and returning patrons.

Rigging online blackjack is illegal and is done by unregulated casinos or online casinos without a license. Blackjack can feel rigged even if you play at a legit site as the odds are stacked against the player, and, as with any game of chance, you can get unlucky and feel cheated. The best way to avoid rigged online blackjack tables is to stay away from unlicensed online casinos and play on reputable platforms. Always make sure you are at a legitimate casino by accessing up-to-date information about the reputation of the business.

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