How to Make $100 a Day Playing Blackjack

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Have you ever wondered how it’d be if you had a secret weapon up your sleeves? A secret weapon that’d bring you 100 dollars a day. Oh yeah, you might feel your good luck is now constant. You can even go as far as feeling you now have a strategy for your financial freedom. 

But wait, is this gonna be easy? Remember, this isn’t Hollywood, and it’s reality. Most people hope for financial stability and cool earnings so it’s only natural that you think the same. And if you believe earning 100 dollars a day playing blackjack is the way, you’re not wrong cause it’s one of the many ways. You better begin brushing up your money-counting skills after reading this post.

The Story of Tynan

Ever heard of Tynan’s gambling story? So, this dude was a total noob in gambling, but he got hooked after some wins. It all started with a $200 deposit, and he hit a sweet $500 win. But you know how it goes: more losses than wins. It made him feel a bit down. 

Tynan and his buddy Adam, along with a few others, decided to milk blackjack as a team. They hit $5,000, then $10,000, and soared all the way to $15,000. However, the good times didn’t last. They had to divide the remaining funds among themselves after a major loss.

Tynan took a break and left his $5,000 in the bank. When he returned to blackjack, he worked his butt off to come up with a winning strategy. Lucky for him, it worked, and he was making a cool $100 every day. He never spilled the beans on his strategy in detail. But the guy’s story screams patience, steadfastness, and hard work.

Now, you might not be content with Tynan’s story as the strategy’s “details” were not mentioned. Swallow up that dissatisfaction because four killer strategies have been lined up for you. And you, too, can possibly rake in $100 a day in blackjack. 

First Things First: Never Skip or Rush the Basics

See to it that you know the basics of blackjack before even considering playing professionally. No stone should be left unturned. John Marchell, a gambling expert, says, “Getting the hang of when to hit, stand, split, or double down is essential.” It knocks down the house edge from 1-2 percent to a slim 0.5 percent. Marchell’s got a bunch of tips for beginners, but hey, don't get too greedy for knowledge. This should cover the basics nicely for you:

  • Sit away from the start seat. Marchell says don’t sit there because if the dealer goes fast, it’s better to sit further away. You get more time to check your cards and see what the dealer has.
  • Begin with little bets. If you’re new or if there’s a new dealer, don’t bet a lot at first. Start small to see how things are going. Marchell says sometimes dealers are on a roll or not doing so well, and that can affect your game. Keep an eye on this.
  • Look at the dealer’s card that’s facing up. Marchel says you should always do this first before you do anything else. Is it a low card (2 to 6) or a high one (7 to Ace)? This matters a lot because it helps you decide what you should do next in the game.

You’ll thank yourself for nailing down the basics. You will be able to steer clear of any unseen hiccups. The path will become smoother for you.

Card Counting

Nothing big has shifted here; the fundamental knowledge above remains the same. Pros play it extra safe to dodge miscounting. And they’re humans like you, not machines. A bit of distraction or a shift in focus can easily throw you off, and you’ll miscount cards and possibly make the wrong decisions.

Successful counting partially depends on the personality 

Sure thing, many folks will argue that success in card counting is all about how well you remember the cards that have hit the table. So, how does your personality factor into all of this? You know, casinos always have the upper hand, that’s the “house edge”. Your goal here is to lower that house edge. And guess what? Card counting is the go-to method for making it happen. 

In Blackjack, yes, the sharper your focus and memory for the dealt cards, the better you become at counting. It’s not hard with the right mindset, and it’s pretty doable. But tell yourself the truth; your personality traits play a role here, too.

Take patience and discipline, for instance. Why? Well, in this strategy, you’ve got to bide your time, waiting for that perfect moment to up your bet. Plus, keeping your cool is equally important; it prevents you from raising any eyebrows while you’re at it.

Bet Sizing

See it as deciding how much cash to splash across different games. Maybe you've got $30 earmarked for some fun. Take your pick from the various games. Go for one you’re either skilled at or have a good track record with, and drop $10 on it.

By doing this, you’re setting yourself up for a solid shot at increasing your initial $30. You might even walk away with up to $100 in winnings without feeling the sting of losses. This strategy isn’t just about the game; it’s about smart management of wins and losses.

Tynan kind of dropped a hint when he mentioned, “Bet $1. If you win, you’ve just won a dollar…” in that part where he wasn’t too keen on spilling the details of his winning strategy. So, don’t stress it — there’s definitely hope for you.

Bankroll Management 

It’d be taboo if you said you want to make $100 a day playing blackjack without having a footing in bankroll management. Simply put, you can’t do without it. Going further, in blackjack, having a hefty amount doesn’t automatically mean you’re the king of the table. It’s not about the size of your bankroll; it’s about playing the game as a pro would play it. Or you can say almost flawlessly. One wrong move, and poof! It’s all gone. 

Bankroll management is the mother of bet sizing. But sorry, it is coming second in order in this post. Here’s how you do it right. Imagine you have $100 to spend at the Blackjack table. You set the limit to how much you can bet in each round. Go as many rounds as possible as long as you’ve not hit the limit you set for yourself.

This will make you different from Adam, Tynan’s friend, who changed $800 to $310 while Tynan was snoring. Think of the wake-up surprise for Tynan! That wouldn’t have happened if there were some limits in place.

You see, the trick of this strategy is about playing it exceptionally well. You have to make the right decision consistently during the game. Your betting unit? Keep it at 1/1000 (that’s 0.1%) of your total bankroll. Adjust it as your bankroll dances up or down.


This post has just given you a taste of what can lead to making $100 per day from blackjack. The real deal lies in how you take what’s inside, roll with it, and organize your game. While the strategies do not guarantee you win, one thing’s for sure — your chances just got a whole lot better. Keep it real, play wisely, and enjoy the game responsibly. And know that you don’t have to aim for $100 right away — starting as low as $20 or $30 per day is perfectly fine.

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