5 Mind-Blowing Tips for Betting on Soccer

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Betting on soccer isn’t just about mindlessly throwing money on your favorite team; rather, it requires strategic planning. Don’t worry; it’s not “That” complicated; you just need time to understand a few basics.

Soccer aka football (in English version), is super popular worldwide with 3.5 billion fans. It started over 3000 years ago with the Aztecs playing a game called Tchatali. Over time, it evolved and became big in Europe, and now millions of people love watching and playing soccer because it’s fast, unpredictable, and brings people together.

Betting on soccer started off as informal wagers but later bookies made venues and places where betting could take place in an organized way. Because these spots got really popular, rules were put in place by the bookmakers to make sure bettors were safe from any tricky business.

The gambling industry saw a substantial increase in revenue because of sports betting. This only serves as further evidence that football/soccer is among the top renowned sports.

For some, it’s a hobby, while others take betting more seriously. With online betting at its peak, soccer fans can turn their love for the sport into some extra cash. But before you empty your wallet on some random wager, check out the best tips and tricks that guarantee an ultimate win!

5 Tips and Strategies for Betting on Soccer

When it comes to betting your precious money…don’t push it all on luck.

Here’s a list of five tips and strategies for betting on soccer:

1. Three-Way Bets

Soccer distinguishes itself from other sports in terms of its moneyline. For instance, most other sports will consist of only two choices. These choices are everyone’s favorite and the underdog. Nevertheless, Soccer matches also have the possibility of ending in a tie.

Hence, the moneyline in soccer has a third possibility. This is also known as the “Three-Way Bet”. Most bet placers do not pay much thought to three-way bets. However, a common opinion is that many gamblers would side with one team and not go for a draw.

This means that they have left themselves vulnerable to games that would end in a draw. Many soccer matches indeed tend to end in ties.

2. Draw No Bet

It is only natural to feel a bit scared of three-way bets, and Draw No bet is specifically for those who want to play slightly safer. These bets are often referred to as “Two-Way Bets” and follow the common aforementioned moneyline.

Normally, if any match ends in a tie, the bet you have placed is returned to you and you will only take the fall if one of the teams you picked just loses.

Draw No bets are usually safer because you do not lose in case of a draw. Nevertheless, the drawback is that you have to play comparatively worse odds.

3. Learn About All Betting Markets

Soccer betting is a highly saturated market, just like any. Experts recommend that you shouldn’t jump right into betting, but first, learn the basics and even the markets. Knowledge is indeed power. This will help you avoid any rookie mistakes that might cause you a loss.

Overall, soccer betting is the same throughout various markets. Only on some occasions will you come across Three-Way bets. Normally, soccer follows the standard two-way moneyline and you can bet on a team that has a good track record.

This further explains the fixed nature of soccer - odds remain the same throughout the game.

4. Track Your Bets

Bookkeeping is a really smart strategy to adopt when it comes to bookies aka betting on soccer games. Essentially, what it does is let you track how much money you are spending and what your profits and losses are.

Once you start placing wagers, you get carried away by the process. To cover your losses, you keep placing more wagers. In the end, you are not left with enough money to pay your bills. You must learn to manage your bankroll effectively.

Keeping track of how teams perform and their history is key to winning. When you have all the data, like a team’s wins and losses, injuries during games, and the latest news from the locker room, you’ll have the secrets to improving your chances of winning.

5. Follow a Tipster

If you are just starting out or have little knowledge about gambling, then you might refer to a tipster for advice. But mind you, that comes with a good price. You have to pay that person a commission.

You’ll be surprised by what these tipsters can bring to the table. Having immersed themselves in sports for an extended period, they have transformed themselves into experts in the field. With their reliable insights and predictions, you can snag faster and bigger wins.

However, you gotta be careful when choosing a tipster. It’s a lot easier to find a tipster but a lot harder to separate the real ones from the fake ones. When it comes to gambling, a quick decision is never such a good idea.

Take as much time as you want. Do your research. Talk with your friends and community, and search reliable sources online. 

The UK and the USA have some of the best tipsters around.

Another thing you should be aware of is that you're not gonna get any refunds from these tipsters. So, be careful while choosing the right guy for the job. They might take you to your biggest win or drown you in a sea of debts.


Now you know all the easy tips and strategies for betting on a soccer game. Betting on soccer is as addictive as watching soccer for many. However, it requires you to use your brain power a little.

Always start with smaller bets and if you're a total amateur, you can always use the services of a reliable tipster. In addition, never bet on your favorites, you’ll certainly lose big time.

Identify and track market trends and team progress. The condition of players and changes in strategies by the coaches also affect your wager in a big way. You can either go for three-way bets or remain a bit cautious with draw-no bets.

Even if you're the luckiest person on the person, relying solely on Lady Luck ain't such a wise idea. Remember, if you're there to gamble, learn to do it right and responsibly!

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