5 Impressive Reasons Why Poker Players Wear Sunglasses

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We often see several poker players around the table wearing different styles of sunglasses. Although, in reality, wearing sunglasses indoors will usually give you weird looks, that's not the case in poker. If anything, there's always a player/s who wore a pair during a game. 

Poker is one of many activities where players wear sunglasses. Cycling, golf, skiing, tennis, and racing are some activities that require different forms of sunglasses throughout a game or a course.

So, the question remains: why do poker players wear sunglasses on the poker table?

1. Conceal Their Eyes

"The eyes, chico. They never lie."

This famous line in the movie Scarface rings true in almost every aspect of life, especially poker. 

Poker players are known to have an impeccable poker face, but sometimes it's not just about the look but also the eyes. All players try to hide any form of emotion from their opponents because it might give their position away. Besides feelings, microexpressions or common tells such as eye twitches or glancing at the cards or chips would be a dead giveaway. By wearing a good pair of sunglasses, poker players will have an armor that allows them to fully function around the table.

The sunglasses will ease the players' minds, allowing them to be better mentally during the game. Sunglasses not only conceal the player's eyes but also allow them to calculate each move concisely without giving anything away. 

2. Watch Out For Their Opponents Without Them Noticing

Poker is a game of pure mental intimidation and emotional prowess. Therefore, it is important to understand your own state before analyzing those around you and even, in rare cases, influence the game and how everyone else plays. Simply detecting common tells within your opponents, observing their betting patterns, and paying to their moods will give you more advantage than focusing solely on your cards. This is all part of the Psychology behind Poker, where poker players spend almost half their time observing themselves and their opponents before deciding and making moves around the table.

Since most sunglasses provide tints on their lenses, players can look around without anyone noticing them. Additionally, good peripheral vision will come in handy because only the eyes will move around. At the same time, every other part of the body remains calm.

This is a massive advantage because players can quickly analyze their surroundings and opponents while calculating their next move. 

Additionally, since poker is played between 2 to 14 players, it's crucial to be able to play the game by keeping tabs on yourself and then your opponents. If you play against 13 other players, don't lose focus by watching everyone; get the right feel on who seems to be as good as you and focus on a handful of them. From there, the game could be and will most likely be yours.

3. Gain Impressive Focus

As players mask their emotions through sunglasses, it automatically gives them a sense of anonymity, translating to confidence and intense focus. Some players feel so confident and relaxed that even during the game, they play it cool and converse with the people around them. Effectively portraying calm and collected players despite what their cards contain. 

Self-talk or inner monologue lets players keep track of the things happening around the poker table. Any self-talk is good, whether analyzing the situation, strategizing your next move, giving yourself motivational affirmations, or instructing yourself with essential tidbits. 

The physical presence of sunglasses gives poker players a tangible signal to be in character in front of the dealer and their opponent. It serves as their armor, masking away any unwanted mistakes. Their focus improves tenfold because they feel as though there is an invisibility cloak to help them make each move with little effort. Coupled with this is the firm confidence that poker players emit, making the game harder and more daunting than ever.

4. Shade Their Eyes From The Light

Casinos shine brighter than any other establishment in the world. Because of this, many poker players wear sunglasses to avoid the distraction. Casino lights lure players to play machines, card tables, roulette, and more. These lights are carefully chosen with sounds to stimulate a person's sensory cues and get them to make risky bets. It's designed to be fun and serves a significant purpose for casino managers and owners.

But with a game like poker, where focus and mental strength are vital, blaring lights should not hinder their game. So, wearing sunglasses also saves poker players from the distraction of the lights and shields sensitive eyes from the room's brightness. A heavily tinted pair of sunglasses is perfect for keeping the eyes focused on the deck of cards in front of them rather than the blinking machine lights on the other side of the room.

5. A Fashion Choice

No matter who hears it, poker is genuinely a game of intimidation, and there's nothing quite like a poker player with an exquisite fashion sense sporting a pair of stunning sunglasses. Poker fashion is associated with poshness and elegance. Since the rise of poker fashion in the early 2000s, you can see many poker players wearing business clothing, which consists of classy suits to give a daunting aura.

There's always been a link between wearing well-fitting clothes and making anyone and everyone confident regardless of who is around. And this is why poker fashion has become an enormous trend and an iconic style in and out of the poker table.

But as fashion trends came and went, the era of wearing tailored suits went by, and several professional poker players started to dress more casually to present a more laid-back image. But one thing remains a pair of sunglasses. 


Sunglasses are a staple piece that most poker players wear on the table. Still, it serves more than just a fashion statement; it is also an armor in the game. So, if you see a poker player with a pair of sunglasses on, know that they mean business.

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