Blackjack Insurance: What It Is and How It Works

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Blackjack is a complicated game because of so many rules that we must learn to get into it. But these complications are what make the game exciting to play, even for new players. This article will get into the basics of blackjack insurance so that once confronted with this terminology, and you won’t have to search for its meaning in a rule book. 

What is Blackjack insurance?

You’ll find blackjack insurance in a few variations of this highly popular card game. The main thing to remember about this insurance is that it’s a side bet that a player can get if the dealer has an ace as his up-card. So, why is this side bet called insurance, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. It helps players keep themselves protected in case the dealer gets a blackjack. 

The insurance is optional and pays 2:1 in the case where the dealer gets a blackjack, i.e., their down card has 10 points. There are 4 cards in all that are worth 10 points. These are 10, king, queen, and jack.

You can bet half or less than half of your original wager and if you win, you’ll earn a double of what you placed. So, for instance, if you make a wager of $20 and you win, you’ll receive $40. However, if you lose, you’ll lose the bet.

You’ll have a chance to get this side bet before the hole card, i.e. the card facing down is checked by the dealer. 

How to use Blackjack insurance side bet

If you’ve played a few rounds and are getting more and more comfortable with the game, you can start making some smart predictions based on the number of cards. Blackjack insurance is best obtained when you get an ace as the dealer’s up-card, you are 100% certain that their down-card is a blackjack, and your hand is 15 plus.

The last one could be a strong indicator of whether the dealer has a blackjack or not. However, remember that at the end of the day, it’s all about luck!

The downside of blackjack insurance 

There are more chances of the player losing their side bet. Why? Well, because the odds of the dealer getting a blackjack are 31.5% if you do all the complicated math. That’s low! And if the dealer doesn’t get a blackjack, you’ll lose the side bet. This means that you’re better off not taking this deal because you can lose a lot more money than you could gain. 

Most expert players know that mastering other game strategies, such as when to split, double-down, stand, or hit, will pay off far more in the long run than opting for a limiting side bet. Thus, taking chances on this unpromising investment might engender regret down the line.

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