5 Best Casinos in Georgia

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The small country of Georgia in the Caucasus region was always famous as a premier entertainment hub. The best casinos in Georgia have attracted tourists from neighboring countries since the late 20th century. 

Nowadays, the country is home to more than 25 casinos scattered across different regions but mostly located in Tbilisi and Batumi. This guide explores the best casinos in Georgia based on their features, service excellence, game options, and overall visitor feedback. 

Gambling regulations in Georgia

Georgia, like many other countries, has a long history of gambling regulations that evolved over time. These laws and restrictions change in response to societal challenges and economic considerations. Recently, the government of Georgia made revisions to gambling regulations that affected legal gambling age and withdrawal commissions. 

Since 2024, 25 is the new legal age for Georgian citizens who engage in gambling both online and offline. On the other hand, the citizens of other countries can enter all the best casinos in Georgia from the age of 18. 

The Georgian parliament also updated the taxation law. According to the new regulations, taxable income on online gambling is subject to a 10% tax. The additional 2% tax applies on withdrawals. At the moment, it is unknown if new tax laws apply to physical casinos. Further information about the gambling laws in Georgia can be obtained from any casino listed below. 

Best casinos in Georgia

The majority of Georgian casinos that offer quality service and entertainment can be found in two of the largest cities: Tbilisi and Batumi. While Tbilisi provides more gambling facilities and options, Batumi excels at customer service and special offers to visitors around the world. 

Many of the popular casinos in Georgia also provide accommodation options - casinos are located within the hotels. Most such casinos can be found in Batumi, which is why Batumi is often a preferred destination for foreigners looking for entertainment. Below is the list of the best casinos in Georgia ranked according to their overall quality, available casino games, user reviews, and customer service. 

1. Black Opal Casino

Black Opal is a recently opened casino in Tbilisi, often considered one of the best luxury casinos in Georgia. Located right in the city center, casino Black Opal offers excellent service, lots of different casino games, and a special restaurant with delicious food. 

The casino provides special VIP rooms that guests can book ahead, along with three types of membership cards for special benefits: a restaurant, two bars, and dozens of casino games. Guests at Black Opal can enjoy American Roulette, Blackjack, Russian poker, Texas Hold’em, 6-card and 3-card poker tables, and an ultimate poker table.

Address: 30 Pekini Ave, Tbilisi 0160

Phone: 032 222 22 27

Website: https://blackopal.ge/

2. Eclipse Casino Batumi

Eclipse Casino in Batumi is the biggest casino in Georgia. It is also the only casino to offer daily entertainment for different tastes and moods, from DJs to live band performances and exotic dance shows. What you find in Eclipse is not only a casino but also a sports betting, poker club, night club, and a fancy restaurant delivering the tastiest dishes in Batumi. 

Eclipse Casino in Batumi is one of the best casinos in Georgia, accommodating 37 gaming tables and nearly 200 slot machines. The casino has the most slots in the country by EGT provider and new and classic Novomatic games. Eclipse has earned the title of the best casino in the city of Batumi. 

Address: 1 Lech and Maria Kaczynski St, Batumi, 6010

Phone: 557 11 00 00

Website: https://eclipse.casino/

3. Batumi Princess Casino

Batumi Princess Casino comes from an international casino chain, Princess Casinos. The brand has 29 casinos across the globe and has a single facility in Batumi, Georgia. This place has a truly international atmosphere, with the majority of visitors coming from overseas. Princess Casino offers exciting games, events, and delicious food at the newly built Wyndham Hotel. 

Set right by the Black Sea, Batumi Princess Casino is a must-visit for both locals and visitors. It has the best views in the city, looks impressive, features an extensive casino game portfolio, offers premier accommodation, and friendly staff. 

Address: 33 Memed Abashidze Ave, Batumi, 6009

Phone: 0422 22 60 20

Website: https://worldofprincess.com/properties/georgia-batumi-princess-casino/

4. Shangri La Casino

Shangri La is one of the best casinos in Georgia. There are two branches, one in Tbilisi and another in Batumi. This casino has had a fantastic reputation for 30 years and has won the award of the #1 casino with six wins in a row. Shangri La is part of an international chain that also operates in Armenia. 

Both casinos in Tbilisi and Batumi offer a variety of classic casino games and some unique ones you won't find easily in Georgia. Guests can enjoy playing different types of poker, blackjack, punto banco, and American roulette all day. With over a dozen modern slot machines and a safe environment, Shangri La Casino is a top choice for entertainment in the country.

Address: River Mtkvari Right Embankment

Phone: 032 220 07 01

Website: https://shangrila.ge/

5. Grand Bellagio Casino

The Grand Bellagio is another casino brand in Georgia that offers gambling houses in both cities: Tbilisi and Batumi. The casino is famous for having the highest betting limits in the whole country. Grand Bellagio features over 30 gaming tables, exclusive slot machines just for their casino, fancy VIP rooms, and top-notch entertainment, including surprising shows with exotic dancers and performers to welcome guests.

In Batumi, Grand Bellagio is located within the Grand Bellagio Batumi Convention & Casino Hotel, which is a great option for those looking to stay at the same hotel as the casino. In Tbilisi, the casino does not offer accommodation options, but guests can enjoy one of the best culinary experiences at Grand Bellagio Tbilisi. 

Address: 29 Shota Rustaveli Ave, Tbilisi 0108

Phone: 032 211 19 99

Website: https://grand-bellagio.com/

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