6 Casinos With the Best Blackjack in Vegas

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Las Vegas is the home of gambling, enticing millions of tourists to put their luck to the test. Though there are lots of exciting games, blackjack tables are a perennial favorite. Most casinos will offer blackjack. But some venues go the extra mile, creating a superior playing experience.

Here are the Sin City casinos that blackjack lovers should check out. 

1. Bellagio

The Bellagio has one of the largest casino spaces in Vegas. Because of this, you can expect a wide variety of blackjack games. For those seeking a low-budget option, some tables start the betting at $10. These offer 6:5 odds. Better 3:2 odds are available, though you will need to be willing to increase the bet to $25. 

Blackjack players can also check out the exclusive Club Prive lounge. This exclusive area holds fewer tables, for a more intimate experience. Plus, there are top-shelf whiskeys and cigars on offer. There’s just one caveat. This lounge is only available to high rollers. 

2. Aria

Like the Bellagio, the Aria has plenty of blackjack tables for players to explore. 6:5 tables tend to be the most popular. These are perfect for casual players, with bets starting at just $10. However, if you are playing during peak times, you will need to pay $15. If you want a slightly higher buy-in, you can try the tables that offer $25. These tables might be more expensive, but you’ll get 3:2 odds. 

3. Circa

The Circa is perfect for people who want a laid-back gambling experience. This casino is known for creating an energetic experience. Expect to have some fairly loud music and encounter some dancing dealers. You can even play blackjack in Stadium Swim.

This is a huge outdoor pool spanning over 15,000 feet, where you can play blackjack while lounging in the water. Or you can choose from over 150 electronic stations throughout the casino. But this fast-paced atmosphere won’t suit everyone, as some players might find it harder to focus on the game at hand. 

The odds will change a little, depending on where you are playing. If you are in the Stadium Swim section, you can expect 6:5 odds. If you are playing inside you can get better odds, with most games paying 3:2. Because there are so many blackjack games on offer, you can find one that suits your budget. 

4. Treasure Island

If you are longing for excellent low-stakes blackjack in a casino that is located on the Strip, Treasure Island is ideal. Expect to find plenty of blackjack tables, so you can choose one that suits your game style. Double-deck games are the most popular offering.

These offer 3:2 odds and rules that give you a good advantage, like offering the ability to double your bet both before and after you split. You can also play with a six-deck shoe and get 3:2 odds. The best part is the low stakes. You can start betting with just $10. The maximum bet is $1,000. 

If you want to wager more money, you can turn to the high roller tables. These allow bets to start at $25 and a maximum bet of $5,000. This is considered standard by other casinos, like the Mirage. If this is within your budget, you’ll get 3:2 odds, plus you’ll get the perks of playing in the high roller area. 

5. Downtown Grand 

Often, the best action in Las Vegas isn’t found in the major casinos. Going for a short drive to the off-strip casinos will allow you to find better odds and friendlier service. This is exemplified by the Downtown Grand. 

But the biggest appeal is the $1 blackjack table. The Downtown Grand is one of the only places in Vegas that offers this low buy-in price. Because of this, the Downtown Grand is one of the best places to play if you have a limited budget. But there is a catch, the odds are 6:5 and dealers will hit on a soft 17. 

Side bets are a great way of spicing up the game. There are two options available at Downtown Grand. First, you can Lucky Ladies. You’ll win if the first two cards dealt yield 20 points. The other option is 21+3. This card combination is based on the two cards you receive and the one card the dealer has. You’ll win if you can land a flush, three-of-a-king, or straight. Rarer combinations offer a larger jackpot prize. 

6. El Cortez

El Cortez is another downtown casino that is well worth your time. It’s been voted the home of the best table games six times, according to the users at Best of Las Vegas. This includes taking out the top honors in 2023. 

People love visiting this casino because of the wide selection of poker games. You can use a single deck with 3:2 odds. You can also use a double deck with 3:2 odds. These give players a strong chance of winning. Side bets are allowed, so you can wager on a Royal Match. This is only available when playing with a single deck. 

This casino is ideal for people on a tight budget. Bets can start at $10 for the single deck. If you want to play with the double-deck the bets are even lower. You can get started for just $5. Because these formats are open to card counters, the maximum bets are lower than other casinos. They tend to top out at $1,000. But this should still be enough to get your heart racing. 


If you love playing blackjack, you ought to consider taking a trip to Las Vegas. Dozens of blackjack tables await. Which ones you play will depend on your preferences. Some, like the Mirage, offer a more traditional gambling experience. Some, like Treasure Island, are perfect for those on a limited budget. Or you can visit Circa and bask in the party atmosphere. 

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