10 Best Blackjack Books That Will Change Your Game

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Blackjack is one of the most well-known casino games. The best part is that gamblers smile big time at the bank whenever they win a blackjack game, more than in most casino games. Blackjack is very easy to learn, but to be a master in it requires many years of practice. That is one reason why the few who have mastered it have penned lots of information about how to master blackjack.

Because many blackjack and card counting books are out there, not all of them would help you master it. Many of these books just made a lot of noise, which we would like to call a waste of ink. But if you are looking for the best, we welcome you on board as we show you the 10 best blackjack books. 

10 Best Blackjack Books

1. Blackbelt in Blackjack

Blackbelt in Blackjack is a dogged classic by one of the blackjack legends. Stay away from this book if you are not a serious blackjack enthusiast. Arnold Snyder is the author of this, and his approach is that of war, which is what blackjack is about: a war between the players and the dealers.

This 328-page book, whose revised edition was published in 2005, reveals tricks useful to professionals who want to make real money. Snyder inducted as one of the only seven people in the charter member Blackjack Hall of Fame in 2002, gave tips on multiple-deck camouflage, team plays, and much more that give you an edge in the house. 

2. Modern Blackjack

The Morder Blackjack book is another highly recommended book for blackjack players. The book has volumes one and two. The book's first volume provides detailed information on blackjack, including over a hundred variations, a date card-counting system, scams and myths, personal experience, and many more.

This volume has 316 pages and was published in 2010. The second volume discussed more complex blackjack concepts like next-card play, simulation, Spanish 21-hole card play, and many more. This volume has 370 pages. 

3. Blackjack Attack

Blackjack Attack is one of the most important gambling books, especially one dedicated to blackjack players. There are two reasons for this. First, it is because of the book's author, and then, second, it is because of what the author said in the book. Don Schlesinger is the person behind this blackjack classic. He has been playing blackjack for 30 years and has taught many people how to master the game.

This 533-page book has a lot for you to learn. He answered all the complex mathematical questions about blackjack that have been a mystery to many people for years, especially risk analysis, optimal bettings, and camouflage. This book was published in 2005, and it is a blackjack art. 

4. Beat the Dealer

From the title of this book, Beat the Dealer, most professional blackjack players or anyone who wants to win will be excited because the book doesn't just carry the title but talks about what the title says. The major goal of all blackjack players is to beat the dealer. The dealer is your real opponent, and this book talked about the A to Z of how you can achieve that.

The funny thing is that this 220-page book by Edward O. Thorp has been in circulation since 1966, but only a handful of people have laid hold on it. When it was published, most casinos had to change some of their rules because the house was not always winning anymore. Regardless of your level in blackjack, this book has something new for you. 

5. Blackjack for Blood 

Blackjack for Blood is also known as the card counter bible for blackjack players. It teaches and guides blackjack players to have an edge in every game. It was written by Bruce Carlos in 2010 and has 248 pages. The books discussed three fundamental issues a player must address to have an edge in a game.

They include how to bet and play the hand, deal effectively, and control yourself when you are under pressure while sitting on the hot seat. In addition to this, it also made the book exciting while explaining gambling dramas in his examples.  

6. Blackjack Bluebook II

The author of the Blackjack Bluebook II claims that this book is “the simplest winning strategies ever published,” and we will agree with him to a large extent. Fred Renzey wrote this book. Although he is not a top-level blackjack player as a researcher and writer in the games, his years of research and writing experience for many magazines and gaming sites have made him an authority in the blackjack game.

He didn't paint words when talking to blackjack players. He gave detailed explanations on how to master skills like side bets, 6 to 5 blackjack, the rule of 45 for 16 vs. 10, and soft doubling by the rule of 9. This book was published in 2017, and it has 229 pages. 

7. Play Blackjack Like the Pros 

The person behind this book is Kevin Blackwood, and if you want to play like a pro, then this is one book that you should try and read. The book was published in 2005 and has 288 pages. Blackwood started with the basics of blackjack and then gradually got to the professional level. When you read this book, you will learn team play, money management, camouflage, and other things. 

8. The Theory of Blackjack

The theory of Blackjack teaches one major thing: how to master the art of card counting. It has several additions. Its 6th edition was published in 1999 and has 280 pages. Peter A. Griffin, a mathematician and statistician for many years who taught at the University of California, is the author of this book. He talked about knowing how accurate a card-counting system is and the basic strategy for playing several decks. 

9. The World’s Greatest Blackjack Book

They said two heads are better than one, so Lance Humble and Carl Cooper came together to produce the World’s Greatest Blackjack Book, published as far back as 1987. This 432-page book covers issues like how to pick a casino, how to choose a dealer, how to know when you are cheated, how to play cards to your advantage, how to win, and how not to be banned. 

10. Blackjack Insiders

Blackjack Insider is one of the newest best blackjack books. It was published in 2019 and added a modern and up-to-date touch to the game. The 248-page book by Andrew Uyal is highly recommended because Uyal was once a casino employee, and he understands the workings of the casino system.

He understood the systems, tested them, and verified all the loopholes in how to beat the house. Blackjack Insider is the only casino book the writer wrote on this list from first-hand experience of how casinos work. We will not spill the beans; just get your copies of all the secrets. 

Final Thoughts

There are many books on blackjack, and some left readers more confused than before. But we have carefully selected the 10 best blackjack books for you. Researchers and masters wrote these books of the game. All you need to have an edge over the house has been carefully explained. Any of these books is highly recommendable, depending on what you want to learn. 

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